Saturday, 24 July 2010

No! Not the videos of the school music show! NOOOOOOO!

As I sit here, chuckling to myself over le boyfriend's Oscar award winning performance in one of his youth group shows as a tramp, an Elvis impersonator amongst countless other characters, it makes me think how filming such shows should really be outlawed. I say this in defense for my boyfriend, who now instead of getting love and affection, is instead receiving smirks accompanied with sarcastic side glances and comments as I write this, shall we say interesting, background music that is inspiring this post. Now, personally, the sight of my boyfriend at the age of eighteen dressed as a wannabe Elvis and singing something that I assume links with the costume brings me great entertainment after a hard day at work as well as the question if I will ever be able to look my boyfriend in the eye without stifling a laugh. Bless him, eh? But I can hardly make judgement, there are no doubt a stash of these haunting videos that I have myself, my parents weird idea of a joke to store videos of me when I was... less refined... and cause no end of laughter to those who somehow manage to sneak them past my careful watch and relish in my 'adorable' childhood years to the hell raising teenagehood. But I ask you, why?! Not why must they be filmed, of course every parent wants to hold onto the treasured memory of their children growing up, but why must they be shown to people OUTSIDE the family?! There is no need for this! Especially when it is your boyfriend (in my case) who is delighting in your humiliation which you cannot always exact revenge on. It's just not right I tell you. By all means parents, keep the records of my youth and watch them when I have moved away to university, or get married, or have my own children, but DO NOT SHARE THEM AROUND AS IF THEY ARE CHOCOLATES!
     Yes, everyone will act that they are cute but you know what they are secretly thinking, as you would think yourself, your instant thought is 'Hahahahahaha! and I'll log that away to alway use against you when you are causing me hassle" or even "Hahahahahaha, thank God my parents don't know where I have stashed my videos otherwise I would have to endure this" and feel smug that you are not the one who's head is shoved deeply into their palms, mumbling inaudible curses and complaints. I know you feel smug for a fact as this is how I am feeling currently, having the little video of my boyfriend making a fool of himself now permanently locked away so that in times of despair I can laugh at someone else looking more stupid than I am. I will always treasure that, even in my old age when I forget who I am, I will fight life and limb to cling onto that little memory and taunt him with it. Evil? No, I think this is more an effective way of keeping my youth and mind agile instead of using the Philosopher Stone.
     Anyway, drawing a close to this rather long post, the morale of the story is this - hide your childhood videos! Because one day, if has not already happened to you so far, there will be someone who charms and persuades your parents to retrieve them out of whatever crook or cranny they have been stored in, put them on and revel in your 'beautiful' singing and dancing that the example of le boyfriend (which I only wish I could describe to you into more detail, yet I value my life just enough to withhold that information from you... at the moment) has shown to you as a warning.

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