Thursday, 26 July 2012

I'm Dreaming of an Aussie Summer Sizzle Party!

I'm back! And what better way to celebrate my back to blogging antics than with a party? 
Unfortunately, due to bad weather and being unable to reschedule it I couldn't actually throw my Aussie Summer Sizzle Party (boohoo!) but it did give me the chance to create the dream Aussie Shindig - you know, the sort of party that you would throw if you were as wealthty as Blair Waldorf. So here goes:

Bondi Beach, New South Wales. 

 Via Google Images
The gorgeous Bondi Beach jumped straight to my mind when planning my Aussie party, because of the TV Programme, I mean who wouldn't want to meet a Bondi Beach lifeguard?! I would fly my guests out in the ultimate Aussie Angel style (first class, with cocktails all the way) to this paradise to celebrate the awesomeness of Aussie in its namesake place! 


Now, being the dream party, there are no limits to pampering my guests (and myself, of course) which means no lying down in the sand, oh no no no! Instead, a private marquee will be set up with sofas and tables filled with every cocktail that you can think of! I may even have a stolen a couple of cheeky Aussie guys to work the BBQ - because, being the princesses that the Aussie Angels are, we cannot do the BBQ-ing ourselves!

 The cocktail of choice was the delicious, and aptly named, Sex on the Beach, with a supply of cocktail cherries readily available on demand because who doesn't love an extra few cherries in a cocktail?!

(Images via Google)

So whilst we are waiting for the BBQ to get going (the manservants are clearly too relaxed), we've got the iPod pumping out some of the best beach tunes:

1) The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA 
2) Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than The Sun
3) Katy Perry - California Gurls
4) Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Ukulele)
5) Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson
6) The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice
7) All Shook Up - Elvis Presley
7) Hawaaiin Rollercoaster Ride - Lilo and Stitch
8) Without You - Usher
9) I've Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
10) Honey - The Hush Sound

With our aussome music blaring out, the classic dance of my friends that always comes out is our custom made dance - The Crow. Although we may not be in beach wear, whenever we feel the need to groove, The Crow is our go to move (its so awesome it results in rhyme)

After working up a sweat with our amazing dancing skills, we have earned ourselves a treat, and what better way to celebrate the amazingness of being an Aussie than with an excellent burger.

So that's my party - the rest of the time we will just be chilling, chatting, and enjoying the sun! It’s the Aussie effect and motto – to just be relaxed and enjoying life, which was the theme of my party! 

My Aussie Extravaganza Look was a relaxed, beach style dress with gladiator sandals in neutral colours, with some lovely beach waves hair (similar to that of a lion mane, thanks humidity!) thanks to my beloved Aussie Summer Save Kit:

My final thought went to ‘what new product would I like to have in Aussie hair care products?’ It did not take long before it clicked - coconut! For me, coconut is the ultimate chill out scent: Pina Coladas, Hawaii and sun cream (aka holiday time!). I would love my hair to smell of coconut everyday whilst being glossy and gorgeous, so that's what my secret ingredient would be!

Now, does anyone actually want to add to the 'Stephie Wants an Aussie Party' fund so we can get on over to Bondi Beach?!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Unexpected Abscence.

Hello my lovelies!

It is just a quick note from me today as I wanted sincerely apologise for my lack of blogging for  the last month! It has been one hectic month starting with a severe stomach flu and following on with my Graduate Teacher Induction days and the craziness that ensued from that! 

It is the last week of term for me at this school before I move onto becoming a teacher at my new academy, so everything is a bit manic! However, I have been stocking some blogposts up including my recent shopping hauls, Clinique haul, Harry Potter Tour, and LK Bennetts! 

So here is my promise - as the summer holidays dawn upon me, I shall make up my lack of blogging there! And I am excited to get back to it :-)

Thank you to all my followers who have been patient enough with me despite my disappearance from the blogging world, and a big hello/thank you to my new followers. It means a lot to me that my followers have stayed loyal despite my mini break, and it makes me smile when I am having a rough day that my blog/readers are there! 

Be back in a week!