Sunday, 29 April 2012

Friday's Frock #5 - Pink Ladies

Hello my lovelies, how is it Sunday already?!?! How?! These speedy weekends are making me want to have only two day weeks and five day weekends, who's with me? I have some awesome news to share: I have hit 90 followers! Just 10 more to go before the big 100 and the giveaway that goes along with it...

Anyway, I know that it is waaay past Friday but I haven't had a chance to blog yet this weekend as I have been a busy bee shopping away my paycheck this month (more to come later on that). So here is a quick recap for this week's Friday Frock: The besties and I went to Westfields for a late dinner and some shopping, and because we were coming from work didn't want to dress up too much so went for this cute pink flower silk-y dress from Oasis:

Not my best pictures but these were quickly taken before rushing out the door as I was already running late! I paired this cute ruffle dress with a baby pink cardigan (H&M), my usual black waist belt, and my brand new silver Eiffel Tower necklace from the lovely Cathryn over at Little Paper Swans.

Its an outfit I would wear to work as well, as it can be dressed up or dressed down - love those sort of adaptable dresses, saves space in the wardrobe and makes a challenge out of it! 

To go with the pink theme, I made the leap and wore it with MAC's Chatterbox lipstick - the lipstick that convinced me to add a pink lippy to my collection!

Eurgh, not my most photogenic day was Friday, but just showing the cute pink lisptick which I think works well with the whole fresh-face cute look that is becoming part of my day look - saving my deep red lipsticks for a more evening/weekend look for a bit of pin-up glamour!

Anyway, that was this Friday's Frock! More posts to come on my first EVER MAC lipstick purchase and some sale goodies :)

Do you have a dress that you love to reinvent?

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Aussie Angel? Yes Please!

Hello my lovelies! Before I get started properly on this post I just want to apologise for my appalling lack of blogging this week, it has been one hell of a week at work and I am just too exhausted to do anything other than lay horizontally when I get home! Also, a huge hello & thank you to my new followers & readers who have made my week by leaving me some lovely comments - definitely gives me a smile when I get those email notifications :)

But enough of that - onto the post! If you haven't heard the news, the lovely Aussie are recruiting Angels! 

This literally made my day on Tuesday when I heard this news, because from the moment I attended my first Aussie event to celebate their Aussie-versary, I have wanted to be one of the Aussie Angels and here are my reasons why:

1) I am an Aussie hair-care addict. That's right my readers, I am an Aussie Addict and I'm not afraid to shout it out!  Without the daily use of my beloved Aussie Leave In Conditioner Spray that helps me keep my hair, you know, tamed and smelling heavenly it just doesn't give me that bouncy start to the day! I might even have sneaky sniffs of my hair at work just because it smells too good (and need to stifle the smell of teenage boys)... is that weird? But hey, if it does, who cares because it just smells too good to be ignored! So with my addiction I can't think of anything better than becoming an Aussie Angel and then having more of an excuse to ramble enthusiastically on about my precious products!

2) As my readers might know, I am a teensy weensy bit of a hair dying addict... Ok, maybe I'm quite a bit of a dying addict, with my hair going from blonde to red to brunette all within the year - and this routine is for the second time! Anyway, my hair is the one thing I am the most adventurous with, always wanting to style it differently from the colour to cutting it into a bob, to just curling it from the night out. For me, styling my hair is the one thing that can make me look completely different - more than changing my make-up style or clothes. As Aussie says 'There's more to life than great hair, but it's a good place to start' and with my hair adventures I am definitely living by this motto. If I become an Aussie Angel, I'm going to use it as my justification for changing my hair all the time to shut the boyfriend up who is always nagging at me for constantly changing it. Here are some of the styles over the years:

3) Finally, I would love to become an Aussie Angel because some of my best blogging moments have been through Aussie. I have not yet been to an event that have topped the Aussome-ness of the Aussie events - great food, great music, and great treats. I said this in my last post about the Aussie catwalk party but I'll say it again, going to the Aussie events is literally just like hanging out with your friends in a super stylish atmosphere. Holly and the other Aussie team members are some of the loveliest people I have met, and after meeting so many Aussie Angels & becoming friends with them through these events, I would love the chance to see these lovelies even more by becoming an Aussie Angel myself, and meeting even more bloggers!

Sophie, me, Dani, Charlotte at Aussie-versary.

Maria, Dani, Tabitha & Lily at Aussie Catwalk
So that's it, I love Aussie and everything they do for both us hair-care addicts and bloggers, I would love to become one of their Aussie Angels and know that if I did, so much more styling would be attempted! And here's a little poem I have been thinking about:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Oh Aussie, how I love you
With your bubblegum scents
That style my bed-head
And help me survive daily teenage boy stench!