Friday, 2 December 2011

Turning 22 - Becoming a grown up certainly has its benefits!

Hello my lovelies! Firstly - sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I have been an awful blogger being absent for over a week now, this is to do with the new job taking all my energy completely out of me, then being given two interviews for Teacher Training next week and other bits and pieces. Pathetic excuses really, as know everyone has so much work going on, but still its my pathetic excuse for not writing in over a week again!
Skipping merrily along, secondly, as some of you know I turned 22 last week. I have officially passed the age of 'I'm young-free-no-responsibilities' life that I had a year ago in university and am now a responsible (well, responsible-ish) adult with a responsible (patience-trying) job and a career plan. How the times have changed! However, some of the student still lives on with dying my hair back to red, dressing like I did when attending uni (although slightly more formal...) and being mistaken for a student on a daily basis! 
Anyway, here is the way to be eased into moving from the golden age of 18-21 tick box...

 From the boyfriend's parents - Winnie the Pooh stickers, pinboard and chocolate :)

 One of the besties bought me tickets to see The Lion King, which was an awesome day out with The Three Musketeers :D
 My lovely new red hat from big brother!

 Benefit Make-Up from the PSM and parents! These are definitely the things that make me able to go into school and not frighten the pupils as much! Reviews to come but so far they are all amazing!

 The cookie birthday cake made by the boyfriend - AMAZING!

 Pandora charms galore from the boyfriend & parents - such a spoilt girl :)

 My own personalised copy of 'Alice in Wonderland' - one of the most awesome things I own!

 My new 'Fairytale Carriage' charm from the boyfriend, and the glass blue flower charm from my grandma!

 Chamilia 'Tigger' charm and blue glass charm from my parents, and penguin, polka dot and shoe charm from the PSM.

 Family birthday cake :) 

So those are only some of the pictures, but shows what an amazing haul I received on my birthday! I was a truly spoilt girl, and loved everything I received along with my new MAC foundation and two new dresses! I'll take pictures of these for a later post, but very much in love with my new dresses - wearing one currently and to give you an idea it has a polka dot silk bow tie and large peter pan collar... 

So the next posts coming up will be about: Christmas Times in Canterbury & London, New Dresses and Thanksgiving Times. 

How is everyone's week going? What do you think of Pandora?


Monday, 21 November 2011

You know you are a Shoeaholic when...

... You are quite frequently repeating 'buying shoes is not the problem, the lack of space in my room is the problem!' to your boyfriend before scowling and piling about five pairs of pumps in any spare space under the bed. Yes, it is hardly surprising that I am a shoeaholic. I have no space left in my wardrobe anymore for shoes, with pumps being stored under the bed and heels beginning to pile on top of each other. However, despite this fact I have gone out and bought FOUR new pairs of shoes. This required re-organising which resulted in my beloved platform shoes being stored in boxes under the bed so wardrobe space could be saved for work shoes - therefore shoe storage boxes are now being looked into. Anyway, here are the four new pair of beauties that have been added to my ever growing shoe collection:
 Red corsage shoes (picture from Dorothy Perkins)
 Black brogue court shoes (picture from Dorothy Perkins)
 Dark tan brogue heels (picture from Dorothy Perkins)
Aldi Grey Heels from Kurt Geiger (picture from Kurt Geiger)

Most of these have been bought with 'work shoes' in mind apart from the little red darlings, they shall be saved for going out! So really it was justified spending, right? The only problem is two pairs slip on the heels so trying to figure away to temporarily fix that until I can get some heel grips, any suggestions? Other than that, love these new additions to the shoe family! Dorothy Perkins have such a great collection of shoes at the moment, and definitely fitting in with my wardrobe style with the vintage brogue look and heels! Plus the wedge style from Kurt Geiger just looks more comfortable than my usual heel, plus its Kurt Geiger - you can't go wrong there with shoes! 

Sorry for the quick post, but just wanted to share this shoe haul with you! It's my birthday tomorrow, turning 22 and feeling old - especially thanks to the kids in school. So, the next post I do will probably be my birthday haul when I get a chance - this teaching assistant malarkey is exhausting!

I'm off to shop shoe storage now! Hope everyone had a good Monday... Well as good as a Monday can be! p.s - thank you to all new followers! It is such a lovely feeling at the end of the day to see more people are interested in reading my ramblings :-)


Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Magical Five Days in Disneyland Paris 'Enchanted Christmas' [Picture Heavy]

Hello my lovelies, have only arrived back from Disneyland Paris yesterday and have a little of the Disney blues, but comments on my last post cheered me up so thank you :-) This post is mainly going to be photos and these are the cut down ones! I had taken 598 photos, and that was even after deleting some on the train and when back home on the laptop - camera happy or what! Facebook has truly been attacked with photos of the boyfriend and me in Disneyland Paris - but what made it even more photo-worthy this time was that it was Disney Christmas! This was definitely added to the birthday treat trip as it was all planned for week before my birthday and put me right into the Christmassy spirit! Plus definitely made up for the knee not letting me go Trek, and despite being wheelchair bound for the majority of the trip due to being unable to walk a large amount, they treated me like a princess and it was lovely. So here are some of the pictures:
On the Eurostar.
 Our room at Hotel Santa Fey.
Mickey soap!

 Disneyland Hotel
 The boyfriend and I infront of Main St Christmas Decorations

 Christmas Winnie the Pooh.

 The Main St Tree Lighting Ceremony

 Snowing in Main St USA!

 Tree in Walt Disney Studios

 My pal Santa and me.
 Yeah I couldn't be the original White Witch of Narnia due to prior commitments
so gave it over to Tilda Swinton...
 Did someone lose a puppy?

 Mexican Minnie?

 At this point, I had a raging temperature... Hug from Pluto helped :-)

So there you go! I loved how most of the characters had their own Christmas outfits, and definitely all the Christmas themed parades and everything - definitely puts you in the spirit when the entire of Disneyland Park is playing Christmas music with decorations everywhere! Many a Christmas decorations came home with me, along with a cold/flu thing that is keeping me bed-ridden for the weekend before starting my job on Monday and my birthday on Tuesday! Advice for anyone going - it is absolutely freezing so take jumpers and layers! Every single day I was wearing tights under my leggings, cardigans, coats, scarf, hat, glove, fleece lined boots and a fleece over my legs when in the chair - it is that cold! 

Are you all Disney addicts? Anyone have any trips planned for Christmas?