Friday, 12 November 2010

What happened to my Hogwarts letter?

So yesterday, instead of continuing with my reading for the next day's seminar, I decided it was a much better idea to watch the live streaming of the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One in Leciester Square. This did indeed turn out to be a much better plan then reading an endless amount of law cases which I have to work through for my dissertation class, although I am not so sure my dissertation leader agrees ... Anyway, whilst watching the red carpet getting more and more filled with the cast and other celebrities (and some X Factor nobodies who shouldn't have even been there...) as well as the swarms of fans crushed up against the fencing on the red carpet, I couldn't help but get even more excited for the release of the long awaited final chapter to the Harry Potter phenomenon! In a week's time I will be in the cinema, in full Hogwarts attire, watching the first part to the end of what really was a big part of my childhood (and still quite a feature in my current, apparently 'adult', life now), as I'm sure many of you have the feeling too. It's unbelievable the excitement felt, and if you are a Harry Potter fan reading this then you understand it, for just one film, but I can't help it, this was my favourite book out of them all and one of my favourite books of all time (that's saying a lot being an English Lit student!)!

Though everytime I do watch Harry Potter or read the books it makes me more and more curious who stole my acceptance letter from Hogwarts?! I mean really, something must have happened to it for me not to recieve it! I couldn't have just not got one, I am clearly a witch, I have the uniform and everything (as picture shows...)

So where did it go? Did the owl not know where I lived? Or maybe someone intercepted my owl and stole my letter, the gits! Maybe I had an Errol like owl delivering mine so they just got confused or too tired to bring it to me... The explainations can go on and on but now I am wondering, more realistically since I am not eleven, if there is a graduate course I could do at Hogwarts? Maybe a speed course to make up for all the years I have missed, maybe even be a mature student? I shall look into post graduate courses for Hogwarts in the future (after finishing this degree) but does anyone else wonder what happened to their Hogwarts letter too?



  1. Hahahaha good question, where did it go!??! A Hogwarts University would be exciting!

  2. harry potter yay!
    p.s. hope to see you for a chat again soon xxx

  3. It would be amazing! I would definitely go after the Defence Against the Dark Arts teaching role... Or Potions! :D

    Hehe yeah hope to see you soon too :) xxx

  4. that pic of you is awesome! i can't wait to see the new hp...i'm marathoning the old ones this week in preparation!!


  5. Hehe thank you! It is amazing, have seen it twice now with a third time on the horizon! Definitely love the preparation for seeing the next one, have to get yourself in the complete HP mood :) xx


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