Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The First Date Outfit.

A bit of a strange title for a post for someone who has been in a relationship for the past year and a half, I know, but hear me out. My boyfriend and I have been together since the first year at university, and we got together in a rather unorthodox way where our 'first date' was more our first meeting after speaking to each other loads through Facebook. Now, we're not an internet couple, we knew who the other was and were on the same university course etc, etc, but we just hadn't actually got round to spending the time together so as friends we decided to finally see who the person we were talking to actually was (me reckoning he was actually a robot/computer that had human emotions...). So we met, and it wasn't a first date because neither had said it was a first date but it felt like it, from then on drama ensued much like a Rom-Com film, just without the endless amount of money or the fabulous city setting. Anyway, we never really had a first date, so finally, a year and half in, we decided maybe it's about time that we actually had the typical, boy-picks-girl-up-and-takes-to-restaurant, date that we had missed out.
      It was a great success and surprisingly I got the 'first date' nerves as I waited eagerly for him to pick me at my house, my heart jumping into my throat and my stomach doing the flippy thing like it wants to be some sort of acrobat, that you get when you are extremely excited but nervous at the same time about something. He picked me up, with white roses my absolute favourite and took me to this lovely little restaurant that looked like Christmas had thrown up on it whilst being decorated with Old Hollywood pictures which was just the most awesome atmosphere mixed with the soothing voice of Bing Crosby, improved by the fact that because we were both so comfortable in each other's company that when I spilt my drink on my sleeve or my chicken fajita fell in my lap, we got over it pretty quickly with minimal embarrassment. It was the perfect night.

Anyway moving on from this, the point of the post was to show the outfit I wore just because it's cute and haven't done a post about dresses and cuteness before so thought I would. I went for a purple theme tonight, just because colourful tights are amazing and the purple ones just seem to go with almost everything. But without anymore babbling, which you are most likely already starting to drift in and out of conciousness, here's the outfit:

 What's being worn here is: Purple checkered dress with polka dots - H by Henry Holland, Purple Tights - New Look and Brogue Shoe Boots - New Look.

Now I love this dress, it's just got the 1950s design but more modern and original (not original but I feel weird saying 'funky' as I am not from the 70s...). I love that it's short but not too short, and it has this beautiful underskirt and mini petticoat that makes the corset-like material at the top to pull you in, in all the right places and then poof out to emphasise the hourglass shape. It's just a very, very flattering dress! Definitely recommend it! The tights, now new look doesn't always do the best because things can break easily from them, or rip or just generally not survive any sort of wear-and-tear, but these tights have lasted me for over a year (a record for someone who is constantly ripping every pair of tights being worn) and are extremely thick and warm. They're only £6-8 and they really do last, plus come in a variety of colours, I have red, turquoise and white currently but always looking out for more! Finally, the shoe boots, my beloved shoes boots... These are beautiful and they make your feet look tiny. They're very vintage looking with lovely ribbon laces, they mix the gorgeous design of flat brogues with a little bit of a heel, not too much that you are keeling over with every step you take but enough to give you that cute heel walk wiggle.

Anyway, I love this outfit, I hope you do too and that it's been an interesting read. Hope you're all having a great evening and enjoying the countdown to Christmas - 11 days to go! :)


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  1. purrrrdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;D funky is a perfectly acceptable word to sayy


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