Monday, 21 November 2011

You know you are a Shoeaholic when...

... You are quite frequently repeating 'buying shoes is not the problem, the lack of space in my room is the problem!' to your boyfriend before scowling and piling about five pairs of pumps in any spare space under the bed. Yes, it is hardly surprising that I am a shoeaholic. I have no space left in my wardrobe anymore for shoes, with pumps being stored under the bed and heels beginning to pile on top of each other. However, despite this fact I have gone out and bought FOUR new pairs of shoes. This required re-organising which resulted in my beloved platform shoes being stored in boxes under the bed so wardrobe space could be saved for work shoes - therefore shoe storage boxes are now being looked into. Anyway, here are the four new pair of beauties that have been added to my ever growing shoe collection:
 Red corsage shoes (picture from Dorothy Perkins)
 Black brogue court shoes (picture from Dorothy Perkins)
 Dark tan brogue heels (picture from Dorothy Perkins)
Aldi Grey Heels from Kurt Geiger (picture from Kurt Geiger)

Most of these have been bought with 'work shoes' in mind apart from the little red darlings, they shall be saved for going out! So really it was justified spending, right? The only problem is two pairs slip on the heels so trying to figure away to temporarily fix that until I can get some heel grips, any suggestions? Other than that, love these new additions to the shoe family! Dorothy Perkins have such a great collection of shoes at the moment, and definitely fitting in with my wardrobe style with the vintage brogue look and heels! Plus the wedge style from Kurt Geiger just looks more comfortable than my usual heel, plus its Kurt Geiger - you can't go wrong there with shoes! 

Sorry for the quick post, but just wanted to share this shoe haul with you! It's my birthday tomorrow, turning 22 and feeling old - especially thanks to the kids in school. So, the next post I do will probably be my birthday haul when I get a chance - this teaching assistant malarkey is exhausting!

I'm off to shop shoe storage now! Hope everyone had a good Monday... Well as good as a Monday can be! p.s - thank you to all new followers! It is such a lovely feeling at the end of the day to see more people are interested in reading my ramblings :-)



  1. Haha, I say the same thing to my boyfriend. The underneath of my double bed is a mountain of shoes! Do let me know if you find any suitable storage!
    These shoes are beauts! Especially the red ones!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, have a lovely day!

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! Love every style
    please check out my blog;

  3. Thank you for all the comments my lovelies :) xxx


Thank you for the comments! I love reading every single one, it means so much to me knowing people are actually reading my ramblings! So thanks and I will reply to each one :-)