Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Shoe Addiction Continues - LK Bennett & Dorothy Perkins.

I love shoes. I do. They're pretty and can instantly dress up or down an outfit which can double your wardrobe styles whilst staying on a budget! However, I do not have the space for new shoes nor the funds really to buy every pair of shoes that I fall in love with (but then again, does any girl really have the funds to buy any pair of shoes she wants unless she is Blair Waldorf?). Despite this shoe-ban I have imposed upon myself, there were two sneaky exceptions which just crushed my shoe self-control: L.K. Bennett & Dorothy Perkins.

Firstly, I have loved L.K. Bennett shoes from the moment I saw Kate Middleton strolling about in her nude sledge shoes, they just looked the epitome of elegance. Unfortunately, I cannot afford myself a pair of sledge shoes, but found these beauties instead in the sale:

I love them. I love them possibly as much as I love my boyfriend. I originally tried these on in black, but opted for the nude-y colour as I have quite a few pair of black platforms and did not really need to add more to the collection. It was the lily decoration that caught my attention at first, with such detail being put into it that you could see it was a lily, followed by the elegantly sculped platform heel - a mix between a block & stiletto heel.

They were originally £130 and went down to £65 in the sale - an extravagant treat I have to say but one I do not regret even though I may not have worn them out yet! I ordered them online and one of the things that impressed me straight off was that they arrived the next day - fantastic! To add to this, they came in their own material bag inside of the shoe box to be completely protected from any scuffs that could possibly occur on the journey - I like how much thought has gone into this presentation! The soles are also lightly padded which makes wearing them a lot more pleasant than normal platforms which after about five minutes for me have my feet throbbing. 

 These picture are quite deceptive about the size of the heel as they look quite average sized, but they are in fact in the sky-scraper heel boundary, giving me a good four inches of extra height. 

Originally I wanted to wear these to work but feel they are a bit too special for that, what occasions would you recommend wearing them to?

The second pair:

These were much more work orientated when being purchased, as they had more of a kitten heel rather than being platforms. I have come to realise that the only navy pair of shoes I owned were my nautical ballerina pumps which, as much as I adore them, can pick up dirt quite quickly, as well as having a more casual feel than these do. I liked these as they had a vintage 1920s feel to them with the strap and design of a contrasting trim. It's also an ink coloured navy which just looks smarter than a washed out navy shade which are my pumps. For only £30, I was quite pleased with myself for snagging these and have already worn them a couple of times at work, being complimented on them in the process - thank you DP!

So those are some of the recent purchases, going to split up the rest with other posts but I have been having a little bit of a spending spree from ASOS to Yumi! 

What sort of shoes do you get sucked in by - ballerinas or platforms? And how do you store them?



  1. Wooo Soo Nice Love The First Pair LK Bennett Ones :P

  2. I was so inspired by Kate Middleton's LK Bennetts as well! These may not be sledges, but I can't imagine finding a more perfect affordable shoe. Love them!


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