Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Autumn Shopping List - Beauty & Charms!

 Hello my lovelies! Hope you all are having a great week despite the grey clouds (at least its an opportunity to wear cute boots and knitwear!). I was meant to be going on my Trek America for three weeks starting yesterday, but a couple of weeks ago I injured my already damaged knee (clearly I am just a walking lucky charm...) and therefore was advised strongly by my physiotherapist that going would be a horrible, horrible mistake that would have quite nasty life-long consequences. So here I am, stuck in rainy England, inside the house on a pair of crutches. It is completely thrilling. 
The point is, with my Trek on hold and the rain making it 100X harder to walk outside with crutches (falling over again is not an option) I am pretty much under house arrest which is driving me insane, however, it has given me the time to start compiling a huge (Father Christmas would be jealous) list of things that I want to buy with my Trek spending money as well as trips to keep myself occupied until booking Trek again (Disneyland Paris, Spa weekend). So here it goes :

This is just some of the things I have had my eye on for a while! I love the Pandora charms because they are so detailed and they fit my personality, ever since the Carriage charm was released have been desperate to have it! It is the same with the Kerastase hair products, since buying the Elixir Oil which just works complete wonders with my curly, tangled hair, I have been absolutely dying to try the shampoo and conditioners from this range so it had to be thrown on the list, especially with hair becoming drier in the autumn/winter months. Make up wise, with the MAC foundation and the Lancome mascara, these are two products that I have discovered recently. I swatched the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation on a visit to Canterbury with Dani, and just loved it. Normally, I am not a foundation girl, relying more on powder, but this foundation felt smooth and had a good coverage, which definitely caught my interest despite the £23 price tag! Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara is a product I have been reading good things about, but I am still torn between this and Benefit's 'They're Real!' which I have tried and loved as well as Diorshow which have been told good things about so think that one will take some more thought! Plus, some fun buys are definitely the Muppet OPI Nail Varnishes, especially the Miss Piggy themed ones! They have the fun and drama of her star personality, so thought they would brighten up any outfit being worn!

Anyway, I do have a long, long, long list of clothes that I have been storing up, but thought would save those for when they are actually bought!

What do you think on the mascara front? Benefit, Dior or Lancome? Dare I even suggest Chanel?

Stephie x

p.s. I am selling some beloved items on eBay that need a good home, so click here to have a look :)

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  1. I would love some Kerastase shampoo and conditioner too, just can't get my head round the price tag for something that will run out so quickly! Glad you got They're Real in the end though :D we need to hit Westfield when your knee is up to it and have some serious shopping time though xxx


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