Monday, 24 October 2011

Keep Calm and Put Rollers In - The 1940s Look.

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all having a marvellous Monday, and the sun is shining wherever you are, like it is here.
Anyway, for the post today we are zipping on back to the classic and elegant styles of the forties - where going out in a wide brim hat was the norm not something reserved for the beach.  Generally when you think of the forties it is that of the victory rolls, good ol' Rosie or the golden girls of the silver screen, but those looks were not generally the every day look for our make-do and mend women,  as they didn't have the time or resources to keep it like that. So today, I have attempted to recreate an every-day 1940s look, using hair rollers (just normal ones, not heated), hairspray and some pins! So here's the photo evidence:

Vintage 1940s hat: Candy Says; Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: John Rocha; Curlers: Denman's Thermocurlers & Boots Self Grip; String of Pearls.
So there's the look, sort of the process of it anyway. The rollers came from boots are half are Denman's Thermographic Self Grip curlers - they are fantastic but quite pricey! The others are just normal self grip curlers, which work well too! But make sure to get clips to hold them in when they are under a hair net or head scarf because they can fall out quite easily. I left these curlers in, after rough drying my hair first, for a few hours and it worked well! Used a bristle brush instead of my usual paddle brush because that would have brushed all the curls out, but the bristle brush allowed me to brush them out and style them more easily! So after giving them a gentle brush into a style, pinned back one side with a flower, hairsprayed it solid and da-dah! You are all ready to go to a blitz party!

Make up wise it was the usual culprits - Urban Decay, MAC, Bobbi Brown and No7 at boots.

Going to sign off here for now, get an apron on and get baking! Have a lovely day!


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  1. I roller set my hair every time I wash my hair because it's actually better for your ends. My hair gets dry really easily so it's a definite must. Nice post, and thanks for following!


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