Monday, 10 October 2011

Pretty in Pink.

Hello my lovelies!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, and enjoying being able to splurge on the autumn fashion now that it has actually turned cold and not being freakishly hot for October! Though I am missing the sunshine, have to admit I am enjoying being able to wear all my new autumn outfits!
Anyway, I haven't blogged about my massive clothes haul that I have been working on since finding out I couldn't go on my trek, partly because I wear them too much to be able to get them all together for photos, and also due to the fact I am still waiting for some things to arrive! But anyway, I thought I would share a couple of the items bought recently that I'm a little in love with and have taken me away from my 'no pink' stance on clothes! Plus, I am beyond happy that the fashion is coming back round to the styles of 1930s - 50s, even if it does make my spending go a little higher! Anyway, here is part one of the massive autumn clothes haul, the picture isn't great, but it shows the outfit well I think:

Cardigan: H&M; Top: New Look; Belt: Jane Norman; Chiffon Midi Skirt: New Look.

 As usual, went for the more vintage inspired look adding to it with my beloved pearl necklace. I love these shades of pink, because they're such soft, pastel shades that have the vintage-feminine feel to them! The midi skirt was one of the best buys as the material is quite floaty and silky which is lovely to wear, plus with the elasticated waistband it means you can wear it higher or lower depending on how you feel. Definitely thinking about getting some more, with my eye on a red pleated one especially. 

Anyway, this is just part of the massive clothes haul that have been speedily collecting since not being able to go trek, shall keep updating when I have the time. Currently, I am doing experience in schools to become a history teacher, so coming home absolutely shattered! 

What is everyone's autumn musts? Are you liking the vintage inspired fashion that has come back in?

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  1. This is an adorable outfit, you look so uber pretty in it! :)

    I am glad you and your boy have survived dating long-distance too, it's wonderful that love can transcend so far... <3<3

    The Cat Hag


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