Sunday, 19 February 2012

Eylure Eyelashes - My First Successful Attempt at False Eyelashes.

Hello my dears! Today I attempted false eyelashes for the second time in my life, after the first time it ended in having one of my eyes glued shut. Yes, that is how competent I was at using false eyelashes. So as you can imagine I was not that hopeful when trying them again for the second time today - alas, I surprised myself by having it work successfully! No eyes glued together this time, and the eyelashes still haven't come off - five hours after being put on and being windswept after my adventures outside! I am one happy girl, and pretty impressed.

I tried Eylure 'Gorgerous Lashes' designed by Cosmopolitan and given to me by Dani, who with her gorgeously long natural eyelashes, already looks like she has false ones on - lucky girl! Eylure supply a small tube of glue, which with only a thin layer has kept them stuck on all day, and was an ideal length so luckily didn't have to attempt trimming them which was a concern as some eyelashes can be too long. Once applied with a little pressure, they were on, and I could then fill in the gaps with my liquid eyeliner to blend it all in naturally. Voila - instantly longer lashes, and with a little Diorshow Iconic mascara for a final touch, I was ready for a wide-eye look. 

I love these eyelashes particularly for a day look, as they're not too thick to be over-dramatic but definitely add that something to the day look. I have to admit, I can see myself wanting to buy more for different occasions and to try out different looks now - with my eyes on the Eylure Katy Perry collection and MAC. So I've been won over.

How do you feel about fake eyelashes? Do you have a particular brand that your favour?



  1. I think your eyes are always pretty! The lashes just enhance those lovely Bambi eyes :) xx

  2. Your eyes look so nice :) I always go for Eyelure too! xxx

  3. I've never tried false lashes but have always wanted to give them a go for a special night out - so thank you for this, you look amazing so I think I will give them a try!

    I just stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did, you have a new follower :D

    Cat xxx


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