Saturday, 11 February 2012

Surprise Sephora Palette!

Hello lovelies! So since returning back to work this week after being ill, my blogging has taken a back-seat again as I was struggling to get through the day! But after a rather restful Saturday and a surprise present from the lovely Minnie, I knew I just had to get on blogging about it!

So not being lucky enough to have Sephora in England, and only getting to enjoy its goodies when I go to the States I was a pleased as punch to be given one of their snazzy black bags as a surprise present. This was waiting for me inside...

 Isn't it absolutely stunning?! I couldn't believe it how many eyeshadow colours I have now which is great as now can create much more bold and daring looks! Plus with the lipgloss and blush sides, it literally is an entire mass of different looks just waiting to be created - exciting! Here are my swatches:

I love the colours and even from the swatches have found that the colours have a strong pigment with a good contrast of matte, shimmery and bold colours - definitely impressed me and looking forward to use with primer to really bring out the colours. The lipglosses and blushers are the same with a spectrum of colours, mixed with glitter and matte - this makes me one happy bunny!

Anyway, I felt truly spoilt with this and cannot wait to try them all out (and then of course blog about all the different looks...)! So a massive, public thank you to Miss Minnie for such an awesome present :-D
On a final note, my giveaway ends tomorrow so for the chance to win three mini no.7 nail polishes and an a silver pendant necklace just click giveaway !

Has anyone else had experience with Sephora? What do you think of this palette?


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