Sunday, 10 June 2012

My First Primark Haul: Shoes Galore!

I know the title of this post must come as a shock to most - a blogger who is not a regular Primark visitor?! Blasphemy! But it's true. I have never really found anything that appealed to me in Primark, and apart from buying a mini skirt and a brown bag quickly before going on holiday last year, I just haven't felt the need to make it a regular shopping destination. This was until one of the besties came back with the cutest pair of pumps I have seen around for a while and at the bargain price of £6. Well, that was it for me! I hurried off to Primark and instead of just buying one pair of pumps, I have now bought three all for £18 - I'm swayed. 

These pumps are softly padded and its pretty much like walking around in slippers (although the grip on the soles leaves something to be desired, not sure I want a repeat performance of my spectacular slipping over at Stratford Station) and the wide range of styles for such a low price caught my attention. I have opted for plain black for work, baby pink that seems to go with everything, and a cute tan coloured pair with a bow as I couldn't not have a pair of pumps without a bow! 

For £6 each, I'm not sure how long they will last without falling into pieces or cracking, but I'm hoping that my cynical nature will be proved wrong and it will be a New Look pumps miracle where I still wear a pair from when I was 16!

Are you a Primark addict? Have you tried their pumps?



  1. I've got some grey and white primark pumps from three years ago still going strong! I guess it varies pair to pair though xxx


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