Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Work Week's Outfit in Instagram #4

Evening lovelies, how have you all enjoyed the Diamond Jubilee extra long bank holiday weekend? I have a couple more Jubilee OOTDs coming, but as I am now at the boyfriend's for a couple of days they are going to be delayed being published as the pictures are on my laptop, so instead I am posting last week's work outfits including a new addition to the wardrobe:

1) Dress: Vero Moda, Tights: New Look, Cardigan: New Look, Belt: New Look. 2) Dress: H&M, Belt: H&M, Tights: New Look. 3) Dress: ASOS, Belt: Boohoo, Cardigan: H&M. 4) Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Cardigan: H&M. 5) Top: New Look, Skirt: New Look, Belt: New Look, Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins. 6) Hair Flowers: H&M.

I have been very H&M/New Look dominated this week in the wardrobe department, which includes a brand new mink & cream polka dot mini dress from H&M (2) that I fell in love with about a week ago. It took going to about five different H&Ms to find it in my size, but I finally did and just had to wear it at my school's non uniform day on Friday with my Alice-theme white tights to go for a sort of white rabbit/lolita style look. For £19.99, it easily goes into one of my top dress purchases for the past couple of months as its a nice thick material and length which means it can be worn with or without tights, and the cute colouring is perfect for a summer or winter wardrobe - which with English weather is always a good thing to have. I also wore my cute new pink & cream ballet pumps from Primark (£6!) which are padded and feel like wandering around in slippers, I am currently on a mission now to buy a pair of black and brown pumps to sort out all my summer footwear needs. 

The rest of the week has been a mix of dresses & skirts, and I have tried desperately to avoid having the same outfits churned out over and over again, but then with the weather its hard to break out the summer collection fully! 

Finally, I have been trying to style my hair a bit more than just having it down all the time or just tied up in a loose bun - as I am trying to tone down the dying addiction I wanted to at least make it look a bit more adventurous! I went for a round-the-head plait and tucked it up a couple of white flower clips, and actually really like this sort of Shakespearian hairstyle - more to come I think!

Have you bought any new items recently? Are you a hair adventurer as well or do you like a particular style to stick with?



  1. I love your hair up like that! I have the polka dot dress from Hennes and I love it. It's such a great length too to get away without needing tights. And it has nice sleeves to cover the tops of the arms. Definitely an amazing dress!
    I did try to do lots of different hair styles, but then I had it cut and they cut a bit too much off so any plaits all have sticky outy bits now which I don't like :(

  2. the second outfit looks really adorable! and your hair twisted up looks so beautiful. that will be perfect for summer!


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