Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Boy's Birthday and Back to School.

Hello lovelies! Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have picked up a virus in school and therefore just feeling too tired to do anything other than lay tucked up under a blanket watching '16 and Pregnant' feeling sorry for myself. Today has been the first since this virus started have been able to actually look at a laptop screen before just flopping onto a pillow, so here goes!

So this week I have returned to my old school - it has been five years since I left, and now, as a graduate planning on becoming a history teacher myself, it is really bizarre returning! I've been doing experience at another school for two weeks which I loved! I taught three classes myself which was nerve-wracking the first time, but by my last class had really begun to enjoy myself and have a laugh with the students. The history department were incredible and it was a really good school so definitely a way to ease me into the teaching idea. Going back to my old school was a shock, its very different to the last, and a lot more exhausting because the kids are more work - but its a rewarding experience and has boosted my confidence more in this career choice! Plus it was nice to see my old teachers, who were happy to have me take over their classes and throw me in at the deep end to get a real idea of what it is like to become a teacher - at the end of all this experience, I am definitely going in with my eyes wide open about what teachers have to deal with on a daily basis, something that slipped passed most of us when we were in school! After I was 16, I did not think that I would ever want to be a teacher because the patience to deal with petulant children was not something I could see in myself, but this experience really surprised me! I love teaching my subject and kids can have such a great sense of humour sometimes, plus its incredibly rewarding when you can see that the extra help you have given has actually made a difference in a piece of student's work or get them to be enthusiastic about a topic. The bad side of going into schools though is the constant battering to my immune system, a new virus has latched onto me and have now had to miss two days of this week's experience - including two lessons I was supposed to teach. Frustrating!
Anyway, also this week was my boyfriend's 22nd birthday, and so we spent halloween with penguin themed gifts then going out for dinner. It was after my first day at school so almost falling asleep, but it was lovely to go out for dinner and celebrate him turning ancient... Not that I can really make comment almost turning 22 myself (19 days and counting...). 
Here's the pictures:

 Dress: Oasis; Cardigan: H&M; Hat: New Look.

That chicken above was AMAZING! I know how I go on about food, but seriously, it was chicken covered in cheese with barbeque sauce and bacon - heaaaaven. Apart from the food, that's his presents and card from me, but my favourite of the presents was the penguin rubber duck. Every occasion I buy him a rubber duck, this was just the ideal one as he loves penguins, might even knock the cowboy and indian rubber ducks out of first place! 
Signing off now, sorry for such a rambling post, my head really isn't with it thanks to el viruso!

 How is everyone's week going? Would you ever consider becoming a teacher?

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  1. Tiana photobombing your photo together still makes me chuckle! I want that meal NOW xxx


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