Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dressing as 'Miss Dunne' and Christmas Penguin Socks.

Happy Caturday! For those who are not interested in a cheezburger, happy Saturday instead! I have finally started improving from the dreaded school lurgy which is great, but still not in fit shape for pictures - you've all celebrated halloween, I needn't continue the scaring with photos of my pasty panda face. So here are photos from a couple of weeks ago that I had meant to blog about but um... well... forgot. So here they are now!

Firstly, this is one of my 'teacher' outfits - once again sorry for the poor pictures, took this as I was leaving for school. I actually see this as my quite lucky teaching outfit because it was when I was wearing this I taught my most successful class so far - and I put part of that down to feeling comfortable in what I am wearing in front of the class. The great thing is that dresses can be dressed up or down with other items and I think that works really well for a teacher's wardrobe or any work wardrobe really. I spend most of my time in dresses in school (although making sure they are not too short at the back is always in my mind - that would be awkward when helping out students...) and have been complimented on how well I dress by the other teachers - something nice to hear in a new environment, so think I shall keep to it!

Dress: Apricot; Belt: Jane Norman; Cardigan: New Look; Boots: New Look.
Secondly, just a quick thing to show you my fancy new Christmas socks from Marks and Spencers. It was a spur of the moment treat for myself after my MRI scan, and even though it was late October I thought it was alright to buy only ooone Christmas item - so chose these! It was a set of three but these were the two pairs with cute little penguins in wooly hats - awwwww plus polka dots - always a must buy right there. Definitely loving all the Christmas items from Marks and Spencers this year!

That's all from me today, going to watch one of my old films with my mummy now! One final thing, thank you to all my followers and those who read this blog - everytime I get a new follower I smile as didn't think anyone would read my ramblings! So thank you, it truly does mean alot to me :-)

What do you wear for work? How do you think teachers should look? Have you bought anything Christmas yet?



  1. love the outfit! i am a teacher too so keep the work outfit posts coming!

  2. Thank you :-) What do you teach? I've just applied for my PGCE so this is all my pre-teaching experience, and hoping to be a TA asap!


  3. Those socks are so cute! :)
    I love your outfit!

  4. Those socks are SOO cute! Great find!

  5. My parents are teachers :-) I like your outfit, very girly and I use socks like those ones when I am in the house, lol :-)
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  6. I unfortunately have to wear an ASDA uniform to work which is a hideous combination of fluorescent green and black (Niiiiice!) you look gorgeous though :)

    Maria xxx

  7. Ah I loooove Christmas novelty socks!x

  8. Cute outfit, professional but fun!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    xo Annie

  9. very cool those shocks :D I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


  10. Love those socks - soo cute!

  11. Those socks are nice. ;)

    Come to visit mine when you have time and if you like let's follow each other!


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