Friday, 4 November 2011

Lovely Laura Ashley

Afternoon m'dears! 
Since I am currently in no fit state for pictures - lion mane hair, panda like face and in a massive hoody - I am posting some pictures from last Friday in my new Laura Ashley Dress

 Dress: Laura Ashley; Belt: Jane Norman; 
Hairband: New Look; Rose Earrings; Black Boots: Next

Sorry for the not so great photos, literally had them taken on my phone as I was leaving out the door - this also explains the oh-so-fashionable hoover in the background. The reason for this is I just reaaaaaally wanted to show you this pretty little red dress that just completely fell in love with. Its actually two pieces, the under slip dress and then the overlay dress which I like as it gives different lengths to it, but what really caught my eye was the capped sleeves  and cute button/ruffles design. 
I love Laura Ashley fashion, especially the dresses, which have always been a beautiful feminine and classic style. They definitely have the vintage style down - perfect for this seasons' styles! So when I saw this one, I just had to treat myself to it! Think this is now the start to my Laura Ashley addiction - poor bank balance...

What do you think of Laura Ashely?



  1. I love this colour on you Steph! I have a few Laura Ashley vintage dresses but not worn them yet. Unsure if they are just too 80s haha!

  2. Thank you :-) Oooh what are they like? I always thought Laura Ashley sort of had a Chanel quality of being timeless designs?

  3. This is beautiful, especially the colour, welcome to the world of being a Laura Ashley addict like me!

    Maria xxx


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