Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I'm Back in The (Blogging) Saddle Agaaain with a Year in Instagram!

It's been a year since my last blog post. An ENTIRE year. I just... I can't understand where this year has disappeared to?! It literally feels like yesterday that I was graduating from teacher training and preparing to enjoy a well deserved six weeks' holiday before starting my NQT year, and now? Well, now I have successfully completed my NQT year and I am about to embark on my return to education... 

So, what has been happening this past year as I have taken a sabbatical from the blogging world? A deluge of events - and not all good, which is why I stepped back from the blogsphere. 2013/2014, so far, has definitely had its' rough stretches - I've suffered loss and faced a lot of challenges, some that I am still struggling on with but I am hopeful that it will be more positive from now on. Saying this, 2013/2014 has had its' positives times too - and that's what my comeback post is going to focus on, through the eyes of Instagram, the better times of 2013/2014 (so far) with a fashion focus... 

September 2013 - Darker hair returns

Chilling with Sully in support of Monsters University

Some of my new 'must-have' products - Macademia Oil, Elemis Quiet Mind Serum; a day in sunny London; Jazz Age Pearl & Onyx Ring from Tiffanys and Co.

 My travelling outfit for a week in Nice/Monte Carlo - Oct 2013
 My first Parents' Evening alone... It required a tweed blazer.

A small selection of my outfits from 2013 - very much taking inspiration from Blair Waldorf. Outfits come from: Dorothy Perkins; Next; Forever 21; H&M; New Look; Accessorize; Red Herring; Sugarhill Boutique; Yumi.

 Return to red hair in Winter 2013.
Still with this guy - Christmas 2013

 Feeling like a Disney Princess with a wand at Disney on Ice
 Chinese New Year in London 2014
 Ombre Hair in 2014

 Making the marvellous discovery of Pinkberry with besties.
 Trying to survive preparing students for AS Exams!

 My terrified face at taking 26 students on a trip!

 Heading back to blonde for the summer and being with my favourite man.

 Some more outfits of 2014 - including some workout wear! The workouts did not last...
 Achieved one of my goals of having eyeliner look equally good on both sides - little victories people, little victories.
Celebrating our five year anniversary in Bath
 My most recent selfie - blonde hair is back! July 2014
 Flowers from my students as a leaving present - July 2014

And that's where we are now... I am finishing off my last week in my current position as a Tutor of History at a sixth form and it is certainly an emotional one having to say bye to the students and staff who I have bonded with over this year. I am preparing for an action packed summer before returning to university to complete an MA... It's all kicking off and I am going to be blogging about it all - so stay tuned, because Stephie in Wonderland is back!

... And it's good to be back. 


Stephie x

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