Sunday, 25 March 2012

Feeling Floral - OOTD & FOTD

Hello my lovelies, hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday, and if not, at least a sunny one! It was sunny here again in Essex but not enough to go au naturale on the legs front, so the tights came back out to play, but not just any tights, oh noooo, baby blue & cream floral tights! I have been coveting after these babies for a good month or two now from M&S, but being £8 for one pair, I couldn't quite bring myself to buy them - but after spotting them in the sale, my need for them could no longer be surpressed! I have been trying to figure out what outfit works with them and not be too patterned that it hurts the eye, and I found the dress that worked perfectly with them:

 Yay for floral tights! 

 Dress: H&M; Tights: M&S; Shoes: H! by Henry Holland; Cardigan: H&M

Being one of my favourite dresses, I love how the plain cream colour works perfectly with the patterned tights and gets all linked in together with the navy cardigan and shoes - not too many patterns but definitely a few to liven it up! I just love these tights! Honestly, its that vintage blue flowery pattern that you can sometimes find on china or wallpaper, and I just loved that it came on tights! Plus being from M&S, they are incredibly comfortable and soft to wear.

For the FOTD, I have been showing some love back to the original Urban Decay Naked palette, that since Naked2, I'm afraid to say, has really only been used for its brush. I know, I know, talk about neglect! So today, I put away Naked2 and used 'Smog' & 'Toasted' from Naked to create this daytime, smokey eye look:

Concealer: MAC Studio Sculpt; Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte powder; Eyeliner: Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner; Eyeshadows: Urban Decay 'Naked' palette; Blush: Benefit's Hervana; Mascara: Diorshow Iconic

Another product that isn't one of my regulars was Benefit's Hervana blush that I stole from my mum's make up bag that I just thought was a nice change from 'Thrrrob' which is a darker pink created to give the flushed look, rather than the shimmery, more posy pink that Hervana creates. Eventually, when payday comes around, I will treat myself to this!

So this is my look for today - a spring dress with some spring tights to give warmth and a daytime smokey look! 

Have you guys been bad like me and neglected your 'Naked' palette? What do you think of patterned tights?



  1. I'm quite boring and use the same colours from my Naked palette every day, so I need to switch it up a little! I don't use Toasted nearly enough so I might take a cue from your look today when doing my work make-up tomorrow :) xxx

  2. love the patterned tights you look so pretty, and your make up is gorgeous!xx

  3. Love the pattern on the tights!

  4. Such a great spring look! The patterned tights are so pretty, and you totally found the perfect dress to go with them! Also that's nice to know about the Naked2 palette, the original Naked palette has been on my wish list for far too long. It may be time to take the plunge!

  5. Love the tights! They're amazing!


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