Tuesday, 27 March 2012

With the Sun Shining, The Sunglasses are Calling!

Hello lovelies! 

So the sun is still continuing to shine - it wasn't just a fluke appearance! With the optimistic feeling that the sun is going to stay for a little longer, I have taken the plunge and broken out the trusty old sunglasses! 

These are my beloved Karen Millen sunglasses that I have now had for a good three or four years - a record for someone who is notoriously bad with sunglasses (losing a pair on each holiday, one being over a waterfall on a mountain and in a space centre...). 

I think the reason that I have basically treated these as if they are pure gold is because they are one of the few pairs of sunglasses that I feel actually suit my face shape and don't make my face look any rounder! Plus the colour works well with both my hair being blonde and brown - win, win, win! Apart from being beautiful, and Audrey Hepburn-ish, they are Karen Millen sunglasses. Karen Millen! Apart from getting a pair of red Ray Ban Wayfarers, I can't think of any other sunglasses (ok, maybe Chanel...) that I would want to replace these lovelies with. 

Here is a happy picture of us together:

However, even though I do love these sunglasses, and they haven't broken/scratched/fallen to pieces in all these years, I can't help adoring a pair of red Ray Bans... 

Do you have any sunglasses you just can't bear to part with?



  1. Ooh, love these! I am lusting after a pair of red Ray Bans too although always feel really guilty buying sunglasses as there just isn't enough opportunities to wear them in this country! x

  2. I love those sunglasses! I'm dying for some Ray Bans but finances do not allow.

  3. Great Post! I LOVE the sunglasses!


  4. cant wait to lounge outside and wear sunglasses again :) xx
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