Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Trip to the Hairdressers - Back to Blonde (Stage One)

So, after being brunette/redhead again for almost a year now, I am attempting blonde again! For the past two-three years I have just been going in circles from blonde to brunette to redhead, then back to blonde. It has definitely taken its toll on the purse, I have to say, which has led me to just want to go back to my natural blonde (maybe with a few highlights) and stay there! Almost a definitive move to put my university days behind me boohoohoo! 

With this decision in mind, off I trotted to the hairdressers to have my bank account drained and a heated debate on just how we were going to get my hair back to its natural colour - 
without shaving it all off or cleansing it. This resulted in having my ginger hair, dyed dark brown and blonde highlights put throughout - as the brown lightened the hair would look closer to blonde and then be more seceptiable to blonde dye. It took a few hours, and needed a toner after the first round (it was a Bride of Frankenstein moment at first) but it did get rid of the red and didn't require bleaching my hair and turning it into something the Scarecrow would want to stuff himself with. So now its just the long, long, long process of highlighting it back to the colour I want. Here's how it looks at the moment:

They also decided to cut loads of my beloved hair off, and give me really short layers - its quite nice and gives it great movement! I do love my hairdressers, they always get it right - what will happen when I have to move?!?!?! Dum dum daaaah! 

Here's a sneaky outfit post at the end too:

T-shirt: Hollister; Caridgan: Hollister; Skirt: ASOS; Tights: M&S

I do love me a polar bear t-shirt! This is one of my cosy but cool outfits - Like 'Yeeah I've made an effort but its still casual' sort of things.

Do you guys have a hair dying complex like me? Or do you stay natural? 



  1. I have a hair dying complex haha. I haven't dyed it for about six weeks now and that is definitely the longest for a long time, it usually lasts a month!
    Your highlights really suit you, your hair looks in such good condition too :) Lovely! xxx

    1. Haha its so addictive to keep trying different colours! Thank you :) She had to cut my layers really short as it was a bit dry, but quite like it. :) xxx


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