Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hello Sailor! Going Nautical with Polka Dots & Stripes.

Ahoy there me mateys! How aaaarrrgh thee? Ok, enough with the pirate talk considering this isn't even a pirate fashion post, the thought process just went: sailor-sea--pirate! Anywaaay, the outfit I am blogging about today is actually one that I have owned since sixteen so its always a nice feeling to be able to still fit into something I bought six years ago - but is that a fashion faux pas? Even if it is, I love these items so much and for me, I just have not been able to part with them. Plus with the jumper it has a 1920s theme to it, but without the jumper it goes 1950s - I love the cross over these two periods!

 New shoes from H! by Henry Holland

Jumper: New Look; Skirt: New Look; Tights: M&S; Shoes: Debenhams

For me, this is one of my most ideal outfits that I just can't see me getting rid of EVER - it has everything I want: a knee length full circle skirt with polka dots, short sleeves, navy and the perfect mix of stripes/polka dots! Plus the colours just work for both a more chilly day (with tights) and in spring/summer. The only new item of this outft is the shoes which I have had my eye on for a while now. I love that it is a striped bow detail and being ballet pumps they're just too cute! I know you're not supposed to wear navy with black, but it doesn't look that awful really... 

Do you have any outfits that you can't bear to part with? What do you think of the blue/black faux pas? 



  1. The black/navy faux pas rule has been completely ousted by loads of designers, led by Yves Saint Laurent, I believe. So go for it, girl! x

  2. I always wear navy blue with black - it's not a rule if it can't be broken! ;)
    Lovely outfit x

  3. those shoes are so awesome! x

  4. So cute! Love the shoes :) xxx


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