Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Polka Dots & Stripes - Nicely Nautical OOTD/FOTD

Hello my lovelies - how is your week going? We have hit the middle of the week yay!! Two more days to go before three whole days off - so excited for that! 

Anyway, this is technically not today's look, it is yesterday's look, but as I was seeing Avengers Assemble for the second time after work I hadn't the chance to come and blog about it! I'm actually quite proud of how I styled all these different pieces to create my ideal nautical look. My students were even impressed by all the co-ordination that went into this outfit - always a nice to thing to hear at work!

Firstly, the outfit:

Dress: Vero Moda
Cardigan: H&M
Eiffel Tower Necklace: Unknown (giveaway prize)
Belt: New Look
Hairband: New Look
Red Leather Pumps: New Look

I'm really into the nautical look at the moment - I love stripes especially with this dress that has a mix of both diagonal and horizontal ones, and mixing patters with a light grey polka dot cardigan. The red was just a last minute addition as I wanted to make the outfit a bit more bright & striking, and went the whole hog matching the hairband, nails (styled to be like Dorothy's stunning ruby slippers), and shoes for that little bit of glam in my day.

Then the make-up & 'Ruby Slipper' themed nails:

 Nails: Chanel's 'Dragon', Models Own 'Scarlet Sparkle'

Make-Up: No7 Creme Touch Powder in Translucent; MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15; Benefit's Stay Put Primer; Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Gabrielle; Benefit's Thrrrob blush; Inika Brown Eyeliner; Urban Decay's Eyeshadow in Sin; Benefit's High Beam.

 After receiving this month's Glossybox (review to come later), I fell back in love with my first year university eye make-up which was just using a brown kohl pencil to do my flicks & a litle under eye outlining. I find this a much softer look for the daytime, especially with the neutral eyeshadow shades, that allows me to go dramatic with the lips & really widens my eyes. Usually, I only use my Chanel lipstick for special occasions but this week it has been getting used daily, letting me have my sneaky 1950s style at work. My big focus with make-up is emphasising my eyes and lips, so I've found this combination has it down perfectly for me without being too dramatic. What made me the happiest was my students telling me that I looked like I was from the 50s and how pretty I looked - unusual praise from them I have to admit!

Do you have a lipstick you feel glamourous in? What feature do you like to emphasise the most?



  1. I love the stripey dress and your make-up looks gorgeous, that red is perfect on you. x

  2. I love the nautical trend, it's one I fall back on every year (today's outfit is a prime example).
    I love the mix of stripes and polka dots, and that your lipstick looks so fab! :)

  3. That lipstick suits you SO well! x

  4. super dooper love this outfit and make up. Red is so your colour!! :) i love me some red lippy! xx

  5. What a cute outfit! Love it :D and the necklace. I found you through , i was one of her nominated versatile bloggers aswell, followed you via GFC, please check out my blog when you have the time :)

    Sarah xxx


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