Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Work Week's Outfits in Instagram #3

For this evening's weekly sum up of work outfits, I have tried to be fancy with the old phone and put them into a photo grid with an app. It looks quite good, but that is on a small-ish screen so if the pictures are not as clear as previous posts I'm sorry!

1) Skirt: New Look, Top: New Look, Shrug: New Look, Pumps: H! by Henry Holland. 2) Dress: H&M, Shrug: H&M. 3) Dress: ASOS, Cardigan: New Look. 4) Tunic: Dorothy Perkins, Leggings: New Look, Cardigan: H&M. 5) Dress: Red Herring.

It has been a real mix for me this week wardrobe wise, especially with bringing out all of my summer storage! I'm still too cautious to bring it all down and pack up the winter wardrobe, but have now made it slightly more accessible so that when the boyfriend isn't here I can actually reach it! The pictures are a little backwards as the week's outfits start with '5' then go to '1' as the week warmed up. I opted for a mix of skirts, dresses and even leggings which I haven't donned in a long while and tried out my new Dorothy Perkins tunic that I got on eBay.

I think, for me, the favourite outfit this work week has been a tie between the broderie anglaise nautical skirt look and the ribbon dress from H&M, both quite summery dresses that really brighten up my work wardrobe! For me, white is something that makes up quite a lot of my summer wardrobe and therefore I just associate it with sunshine/happiness! 

I'm hoping the hot weather stays and I don't have to go back to the winter wardrobe again this week, booohooo! 

Do you have any dedicated summer colours or outfits?



  1. im still doubting as to whether to take my summer clothes out of storage too. i really like dress 5! so pretty. hope youve had a great week x

  2. Great outfits, I love the H&M dress - summery but still work appropriate. I have definitely put my winter wardrobe away so let's hope the nice weather lasts! x


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