Sunday, 27 May 2012

Saturday's Outfit & A Trip to Windsor/Eton!

Hello my lovelies, how are you all enjoying the sunshine? I have to say I am absolutely loving the heat (even if I did get a little pink yesterday - oops!) and refused to waste a moment of it inside after being cooped up in school all week! So the boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip into Windsor & Eton to explore and stroll by the riverside. 

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: M&S
Cardigan: New Look
Pumps: New Look
Alice bag: Walt Disney World

This, for me, is an ultimate summer dress that only gets brought out of storage when summer is upon us. I love the white broderie anglaise pattern and the square neckline which I find quite flattering and summery.

I styled it with red accessories (how patriotic) including a thin red belt to add a bit more definition between the bodice and full skirt. For a bag I went for an old favourite, my Alice in Wonderland bag. I bought this when I worked in Disney because it is the most adorable Alice bag I have seen, with a unique illustration of her amongst the flowers, and the cute pink colour just seems to brighten up every outfit. Perfect summer shoulder bag and it fits a ridiculous amount of things in it! 

Just some pictures of the adventure:
Windsor Castle
The Long Walk - Not an Understatement.

Another part of Windsor Castle

Happy Hour!

Over the River.

Outside part of Eton College

This was such a lovely day, and there was so much to do in Windsor & Eton that we didn't have time for it all despite being there all day! I couldn't believe the sheer size of Eton College, the library alone looked big enough to be a a department of a school! The whole architecture and enormity of the college was stunning, including a cathedral style church that was joined on opposite part of their housing. I have now decided that when I become rich and if I have a son, he must go to Eton - I want to see inside that library! Although we didn't get to go into Windsor Castle itself (a huge queue and £17 per person seems a tad expensive) we walked all around the outside which in itself was beautiful, especially from the Long Walk view. If you haven't ever been to Windsor, I would highly recommend it as a place to visit in the sunshine - its beautiful, and has a Canterbury-esque feel to it, with a lovely river to wander along by.
The shopping was also paradise, having pretty much every shop I wanted there, and with payday on Friday I treated myself to some John Frieda hair products as Boots has a 3 for £10 offer going on. For my three, after much 'umming' and 'aaahing', I chose the 'Go Blonder' shampoo, the Highlight Activating Blonde Conditioner, and the Full Repair Conditioner which I have heard good things about in the blogsphere. After using the 'Go Blonder' lightening spray quite a lot last summer (which worked wonders on lightening my roots and my hair to almost platinum), it made my hairdresser furious and resulted in me having to go darker to get it out the mixed bleach blonde, so wasn't going to make the same mistake twice! Still wanting to go lighter between hairdresser trips, I went for the shampoo with its natural lightening products and no bleach in there, so it will be a lot more gentle. Reviews for these three products will be coming in a week or so I think to give it a bit of time to see results! Also, Boots are giving out £5 No7 Vouchers again, so keep an eye out for those as they are always handy!

Finally, a huge thank you to all my lovely readers who have now pushed me over 100 followers! It means the world to me to know that this tiny blog which I started just for my best friend to read, is now being followed my over 100 lovely people and more readers from around the world. It completely stuns me that people are interested in my reading and has built up my confidence in writing and myself, so thank you :-) A special giveaway is in the works to reward you lovelies! 

More posts coming today, but what have you been up to on this gorgeous weekend?



  1. Haha "The Long Walk"'s perfect for picnics up there in Windsor Great Park! And believe it or not I've actually seen people RUNNING down that pathway...nutters x

  2. Looks like such a wonderful day! Your outfit is so cute, and I love the belt so much :D Congratulations on 100+ followers!


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