Sunday, 20 May 2012

Saturday's Outfit & FOTD - Weekend Styling.

Hi lovelies, how is it already Sunday?! I feel like it should still be Saturday, and not have the threat of work tomorrow morning... Urgh. Anyway, yesterday I was a busy bee with a trip to Westfield Stratford to have lunch with the boyfriend and with a two hour driving lesson - I was quite proud of myself actually and bought NOTHING in Westfields, despite my payday wishlist growing almost double in size in the past week alone. For my trips out, I decided to revel in my weekend wardrobe:

(( Dress: River Island
Cardigan: New Look
Leather Boots: Next
Belt: Boohoo))

During the week I tend to end up wearing the same dresses over and over again, as they are appropriate in length and style, so when it comes to weekends I try and wear things that are more student-y and less work just so I can have a bit of variety in what I wear rather than feeling that there is no difference between my work and weekend clothes anymore. This dress is definitely one of my weekend items, and I love just how versatile it can be when dressed up with different accessories. Yesterday, I went for a more natural sort of look with a tan cardigan and brown boots (maybe even a Cowboy feel?). Its also incredible comfortable, a plus when I am just wanting to chill out without having to fidget constantly to get comfortable or worry that its too low cut/too short.

 As it is the weekend, I also went back to playing with my make-up and using black eyeliner which I have cut down using during the week so I feel like I can do something a bit more special on the weekend:

((MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation 'NC15'; Benefit's Stay Put Concealer; Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner 'Black Ink'; No7 Creme Touch Powder 'Translucent'; Urban Decay's 'Suspect' 'Snakebite' Eyeshadows; Inika Brown Eyeliner; Benefit's High Beam; Benefit's Thrrrob Blush; Diorshow Iconic Mascara; Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss.))

I went for a soft, smokey eye look yesterday to go with the more natural colours in my outfit, using Urban Decay's Naked2 'Suspect' as an all over colour, and then 'Snakebite' on the outer edges and crease line. I absolutely love the blend brush that came with my Naked2, as it blends the colours perfectly without losing too much of the pigmentation or mixing the colours together too much. I've also gone back to using Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner as I love just how dark it comes out in one sweep, and the long lasting power it has - honestly, when it comes to washing my face at night it takes a good two scrubs to get it off my eyes! With a lot of focus having gone onto my eyes wit this look, I went for just a natural lipgloss to give me a bit of shine.

Are you like me and have a bit of your wardrobe designated for the weekends? Or style your make up differently on the weekends?



  1. I love that belt! The whole outfit and make up is beautiful x

  2. I was tempted by this dress - love the print! I'm more colourful with my clothes and make-up on weekends as I work in quite a conservative office so need to keep things on the safer side during the week. x

  3. Love those boots! I don't have specifically seperate work and weekend wardrobes, but I do have to think a bit more about what's appropriate so tend to wear skirts and red lippie for the weekend! x


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