Wednesday, 24 August 2011

And the rain, rain, rain, rain came down, down, down, down and washed us to a shopping centre...

So the lovely English summer weather that is renowned for its dreariness, reared its ugly head again yesterday which made finishing off my 'Oasis Haul' posts a bit difficult as it is a summers dress... Anyway, to get over the grey that seemed to have engulfed my area and just put a damper on everything, the boyfriend and I decided to take an outing to Lakeside shopping centre (with the valid reason of me needing to buy shorts from Primark for my Trek... Not so we could go out for lunch and mooch around shops buying things we don't have the money to...) instead of just sitting in, watching the garden turn into a lake. Now, despite having the very practical intention of buying necessary shorts, I actually didn't come back with any... After trying on about ten pairs of different shorts and realising none of them quite looked right and not fancying queuing for anymore dressing rooms (completely forgot it was the school holidays and therefore the intention to have a peaceful shop was shattered with teenagers swarming from every direction) we decided to give in the practical part of the shopping up. Instead, we went to Ed's Diner and enjoyed some Elvis with a Chocolate Malt and some Chili Cheese Fries feeling like we belonged in the completely wrong era, something that we often feel anyway but is always cemented with a trip to Ed's.
I have always felt like I belonged in the 1940s/50s - the sophistication and style of the fashion, the hair, the make up, the music, the films and of course the chivalry of men and the feminity of women. Now, I am in no way saying that those eras were perfect, but I have loved how men and women behaved in those days, and the domestic goddess image of the 1950s wife. I do not think women should be forced into, or confined into that position, as they were, but I do think it definitely had a charm to it those days and the attitudes of those days should have passed on through. My boyfriend feels the same.
Anyway, here are some pictures from the day:
T-shirt: Hollister, Skirt: Next, Tights: M&S, Boots: M&S, Bag: Next.

Do you ever feel like you belong in a different era?

Stephie x

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  1. Ahhh, whenever I see the Ed's Diner menu it reminds me of seeing Deathly Hallows Part 1!! Good times :D xxx


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