Sunday, 28 August 2011

Butterflies & Polka Dots!

Hello my lovelies, hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday weekend in the small glimpses of sunshine that we actually get! Has anyone been up to anything good? I have spent most of my weekend sharing my time between going to the hospital, making homemade soup (without a recipe I might add, and with the seal of approval from two very picky food tasters *tooting own horn*) and watching The West Wing. 
     Recently, I am completely addicted to The West Wing and have made it through the first series in about a day, now working through the second. If anyone has not seen it, you have to, the writing is pure genius, the timing is perfect, along with casting. It's just so good, forgotten how good it was. Anyway, it makes me want to work in the White House - not a completely mad idea, at all, I know. But, whenever they talk about the US Supreme Court, it's unnerving just how much I know about it from my dissertation, spaces in my memory I reeeeaaaally would like back but cannot see it happening. 
     Anyway, got off the point, the outfit yesterday was made up with one of my absolutely favourite dresses, here's the pictures:

The dress is Vero Moda, a gorgeous silky shift dress with frilly shoulder sleeves which is just really beautiful, the cardigan is H&M, the belt is New Look and the boots are from Next. I loved the mix of butterflies and polka dots, as they are two patterns I always, always love to have in my wardrobe. This was the first time I actually combined the two though, normally I just wear black cardigans with this dress, but thought would try a new look and actually thought it worked pretty well and got the sign off of the fashion police in my house through Dani. So think I might style it like this again come the winter months!

Hope everyone is having an amazing bank holiday weekend despite the temperamental weather :)

Stephie x

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