Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm still here! With a natural look for the summer days!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! Did I mention, sorry? I have been a horrendous blogger for a good few months now, cannot believe that the last time I blogged was April! I could make excuses, but I am not going to as that's not positive, instead I am PROMISING a positive attitude of regular blogging now (or at least more than blogging only once in each 'A' month a year!) even with everything else going on!

So moving along, what has been going on since April, went in a very brief overview: I completed my undergraduate degree in History with a 2:1 (woo!), went on holiday with the boyfriend to Gran Canaria, graduated, left Canterbury (boohoo), booked my Trek to the States (21 days of camping across the U.S... Will be interesting for a virgin camper like myself...), and then a few other bits and pieces which leads up to present day! At present day, I am trying to get work experience in primary schools in preparation for a PGCE application in December and before I disappear off to the States in September... But moving on!

Today's look is sort of natural with creams and browns, as well as a bit of a bohemian look. I thought it worked well with the sunshine (that on the rare occasion does exist in England, shine a little bit before turning into rain...) but then subsequently had to get changed once the monsoon started again...

Here it is:

Dress from H&M, Belt from Next, Shoes from Next, Golden Snitch Necklace from Wallpaper Rose.

I love this dress, it is one of my absolute favourite for the reasons:
1) It is just so floaty, it is not constricting in any form, just very free and flowy, especially the skirt.
2) The design is gorgeous - a mix of lace, embroidery and flowers. Patterned all over the different hems to show all the different layers which is such a unique design.
3) The soft v-neck design that balances on your shoulders, and dips down on your back, its very symmetrical and stylish.
4) My absolute favourite part is the cape layer, it is just lovely and floaty, with a beautiful deign and I love how it keeps my arms warm despite only being a light layer. Definitely eradicates the need to find a matching cardigan!

For make up, I used a mix of golden and bronze eyeshadows, and a more bronze lipstick to co-ordinate with the belt and shoes that accessorized the dress with to add to the natural look:

Primers: Nivea Creme moisturiser, Clinique 'All About Eyes' cream. Powder: No7 Creme Touch Translucent. Concealer: MAC - NC15.  Eyes: Urban Decay's Half-Baked & Smog; Bourjouis Liner Feutre in Noir; Benefit's High Beam; Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara.  Blush: Clinique - Bashful. Lipstick: Clinique's Honeynut.  Hair products: Kerastase Elixir Oil.

One of my daily necessities now is Kerastase Elixir Oil for the hair, my hairdresser has got me completely addicted to it despite the less attractive price tag. Not only does it smell heavenly (a mix of coconuts, chamilla and flowers) but it makes my manic hair into something shiny and soft! You can use it in a variety of ways but my usual routine is a couple of drops before I dry my hair as a leave-in conditioner on the ends of my hair, making it the softest it has been (as far as I can remember) but then after you have finished styling, add another drop all over as a serum to just smooth it down/make it shine like gold. Now the price tag is a bit of a shock (the boyfriend told me off so much, plus shakes his head everytime I use it...) for a small 50ml pot it is £15, for 125ml it is £33. Alot of money for a hair product but think it is the only time I have ever felt saying that spending £15 on 50ml was really worth it! It lasts for ages and you can use it sparingly as it spreads so well throughout the hair. Definitely a product I recommend to those who's hair need a bit of extra TLC!

So that's it from me, for now, I will be updating again soon... Not because I have bought several new dresses and a new pair of KG shoes want to share with you all, nothing like that!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend, despite the horrible weather!

Stephie xx


  1. glad you are back! love that dress :)
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. Love how you've styled the "perfect dress" :D it really works well with the brown! Sigh, wish the weather would brighten up so I could wear mine! xxx


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