Friday, 26 August 2011

The Grand Arrival of the Graduation Photos!

I haven't actually blogged about my graduation, and although I am intending to finish my 'Oasis Haul' posts, because of the rain have postponed the last of the trilogy (no doubt, a sigh of relief has just been breathed). Anyway, I never really wrote anything about my graduation which was a ridiculously early start, begun with rain but ended with sunshine and getting to graduate in the gorgeous Canterbury cathedral. However, as lovely as this all was and a proud moment for the family, I have to say one of the absolutely best moments was wearing the tassle hat and robes. Seriously, that tassle hat was just entertainment in itself (despite ruining my hair underneath, it actually left a square shaped indentation around the top of my hair...) plus wandering around the cobbled streets of Canterbury with this robe billowing behind you like Professor Snape and the fancy mortar board on, you just felt quite the part, even if I did look just a tad ridiculous sitting fully robed in the restaurant...

Anyhoo, this was over a month ago, which seems such a ridiculously long time ago, and after putting it off for weeks on end, I finally got round to ordering my official graduation photos, and although they make me look slightly hamster-rish in the face, they had the classic poses with the scroll (fake, as the real degree was just in an envelope...) and with the proud parents. So just thought I would do a little post about them and put some pictures of them:

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Bracelet: Tiffany & Co; Ring: Past Times

Anyway, getting these photos made me realise just how much I miss being at university, it really was a second home. I miss being able to see one of my best friends almost everyday, and having her just live down the road so visiting was not hard at all. I miss going to classes, and researching essays (a geek, I know). It's a strange thought to think I am not going back to Canterbury in September, that I'm not going back to my university house or campus, or hanging around at the library with my friends. I received my enrollment pack the other day for my MA, which I am now not doing, and it took all my willpower not re enroll again just to go back for one more year, to my favourite seminar leader (thoughtfully nicknamed Dumblefield...) and not to be studying for a year again. But part of me is really looking forward to the new adventure, of trying to discover what I want to do with myself, and begin working towards something new. Even if it does mean leaving Canterbury behind for a little while...
Stephie x

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