Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Start of the Great Oasis Haul... Part 1/3.

See, already keeping to the promise of blogging more! Ok, so the plan is to keep focused with blogging by reporting on the massive Oasis haul I did a couple of weeks back (massive for me is buying more than one dress at once, in which I really outdid myself by buying three dresses in one go!) but hadn't actually got round to blogging about. So today is the first dress out of the four that thought would share just because I had forgotten just how gorgeous Oasis dresses could be! Plus, have styled it with the KG shoes I spoilt myself recently with, and thought would begin showing the new looks!

Sorry about the smudges on the mirror, that would be me having a make-up mishap and not cleaning it off properly. Fail at being the clean housewife again... But it's ok, as having a massive clean out of my room this week, honest! If I do not get distracted by reading, shopping, blogging or about anything else! Anyway, the dress is made of a stretchy, silky material which is lovely to wear! At first, I thought the pattern was dragonflies but it is actually flowers in coral, pink and white colours. Very feminine. But what really attracted me to this dress was the frills on the sides and sleeves which just give it that extra bit of movement and femininity, plus a vintage look. The shift dress style and satin bow of course were a huge attraction as well, if it has a bit of frills and a bow I am interested! I just thought although it was a modern style, with a keyhole back, it still has a vintage 1950s feel to it because of the shift dress style and patten so because of these points, it just had to be bought! Oasis definitely has this mix of vintage style with a modern flair down to an art, so had to get the dresses!

The shoes compliment, even, dress up the outfit a bit more I think, which is not surprising for platform heels from KG and the string of pearls my parents bought me for my graduation, adding to the vintage look:

I love the mix of leather style buckle/bow on the front, but the rest of the shoe being patent. Plus the heel not being stilletto, but not quite being block either, is the style of KG that I love so it wasn't suprising that I became determined to have them. Even though they cripple my feet everytime have worn them...

Finally, the make up today was a mix of the usual black flicks and natural pink lipstick (Clinique Pink Goddess lipstick) but with Urban Decay lilac eyeshadow just for a bit of the change.

Not the greatest pictures by far, but they were the best out of the lot. Anyway, just felt like a bit of a change of colour from the usual Urban Decay 'Naked' Collection, so went back to the old faithful 'Sustainable Shadow Box'.

Tomorrow (hopefully, all going to plan) shall post again about the next Oasis dress. Please let me know if this is boring, if you haven't all fallen asleep already, in which sorry but can always use these posts as sedatives now!

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, there is a roast to be made here!

Stephie xx


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