Monday, 9 January 2012

'Dreading the Detox Diet' Diary -- First Day Killer.

With the first day out of the way, my opinion is that diets were invented to drive people insane. Ok, that may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but seriously - why am I doing this to myself?! By about 5pm today I had only eaten 216 calories. That's it. Then I had dinner which probably dragged it up to about 400 calories. I am not surviving well. This is what just eating BBQ chicken slices and then seasoned chicken with a poached egg has come to, and has left an exhausted, hungry and slightly unsatisfied Stephie behind. 

However, it has also been a good/bad day relating with the diet. 
Good = I showed that I do actually have willpower - I was offered treats and politely declined, I had an awful day at work but controlled myself from comfort eating, and finally I did not bite everyone's head off at work/home including the children.
Bad = I came home and cried for the first time since working in a school (the handiwork of teenage boys at school being rude, derogatory and uncontrollable but also lack of food), without carbs my energy levels have dropped significantly, and I can't shake off the craving for a Ribena or a Baileys. 

I am hoping that today was an exception for work and my body will get used to this new diet, although more temptations are coming up that are making me feel like I should drop this and go into calorie counting - unfortunately, that will slow down the process and I'd like to have lost 8 pounds by my weekend in Canterbury plus showing will-power today has made me feel like I could resist little treats later in the week. But I am thinking that what I did today (no breakfast, lunch, dinner - small portions) is not going to help me get through the day in a bright, bubbly mood - fixing this tomorrow with porridge in the mornings (technically not on the diet, but will sustain energy levels) and maybe bigger portions.

I'll give another update on the diet probably near the end of the week with updates on weight loss and how I'm feeling about it all.Once this intense week is out of the way, my next diet steps are these:
- Calorie Counting (1200 calories per day to lose 2 pounds per week)
- Exercise (Weights, Sit-Ups and if possible, 20mins on exercise bike)
- Fruit instead of chocolate, porridge instead of no breakfast (my current fortay).

Bring on bed tonight. 


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  1. I can't understand the dunkan diet- surely it's really unhealthy for you! i'm a teacher and teenage boys can be horrible- just remember that tomorrow is another day!


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