Sunday, 8 January 2012

Feeling Checky - Saturday Night's Outfit.

Wo-ho-ho did you see what I did there with the title? Hysterical, aren't I? Swiftly skipping along before giving you the chance to answer that, today's post (with probably some more to follow if I get round to it in between my busy schedule of nothing...) is just a looksie over my outfit from last night. Feeling reminiscent of my days as a student, I wore one of my beloved first year shirt/lumberjack style dresses that was always in my mind a 'casual but stylish' dress - perfect for drinks out or dinner out but not an event where you should throw some more effort in. However, with new items in the wardrobe, and not living so much on a student budget (although I do stress 'not so much', hardly rolling in the monies) I gave it a new style than those days back in 2008/09 where going out drinking happened at least once a week:

 Dress: New Look; Long cardigan: Betty Jackson; Tights: M&S; Belt: Next.

The trusty dress in first year - I miss that room!

Sorry for the lack of good quality pictures, these were taken just before rushing out the door to Westfields for some evening shopping & Wagamamas, so didn't have loads of time to try and control the bluriness. Anyway, this dress and I have had some good times together - some drunken, some sober, and I've always relied on it for that 'casual-but-dressy' look. Not feeling as confident as I was in my dreamy-eyed days of 19, I wore a long cardigan with it and thick black tights - more appropriate for Westfields than the Student Union I think.  The belt pulled in the waist to show I actually do still have one underneath all my layers, and add a bit more glam. The make up was the usual cuplrits: Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Dior, MAC, No7 and Urban Decay - just made a little more dramatic for the evening out. 

Anyway, that's it - we went to Wagamamas where we nommed our way through Ginger Chicken Udon Noodles - branching away from my beloved Katsu Curry, bought myself a check skirt from Hollister (post coming) and presents for the bestie for her birthday. Quite restraint for a trip to Westfields if I'm honest! 

Do you like checks? Still dressing in student style?


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