Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Review: Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara and Mini Extase Gift Set

Hello lovelies! See, I'm sticking with one New Year's resolution which is blogging more! As promised, this is the review on the gorgeous Dior mascara set that I bought in the sales as a treat for £15.99 and it was well worth it! In this set I got a full sized Diorshow Iconic Mascara which on its own is £22.50, but also received a mini Extase mascara for volume - the two work really well together as one definitely adds more volume and curl but the extase really adds to thickness. Together, they pretty much make the perfect mascara. 

 After using just Diorshow Iconic and without curling my eyelashes - love how much it emphasises the natural curl in my eyelashes and lengthens them!
 After using Extase - definitely thicker and darker colour, really gives it that dramatic look! 

 The finished product - curled, lenthened and thickened eyelashes!

So my overall thoughts:

  • Volume: It definitely has this! Even with just the 'Diorshow Iconic' mascara you get a good amount of volume, and your lashes appear thicker after one coat. Unlike some mascaras where you have to keep applying layers, I have found two layers of this mascara has built up enough volume to give your eyes a real 'POP' factor. The 'Extase' definitely adds to this even more and gives the dramatic look.The only problem is when putting on 'Extase' after the 'Diorshow' it can clump a little, so have to be careful of layering it to try and avoid the spider leg effect. Rating: 9/10
  • Curl: Amazing! I love Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara, and it is definitely a joint first to this mascara, but I found it didn't hold my curls as well as 'Diorshow' did. Without using eyelash curlers, 'Diorshow' really managed to emphasise my natural eyelash curls and even add more. It then went on to hold these curls pretty much all day without any need to top up - a winning point in my books! Rotating the brush, you get more and more curl which is a great part of the design. 10/10
  • Length: Once again, amazing. It lengthens my lashes beautifully, with no clumping, adding layers you can feel it lengthening and gives the illusion of fake eyelashes in length and volume. I was so impressed by this, as once again, the only mascara I could find lengthening my eyelashes substantially was Benefit's 'They're Real'. 10/10
  • Overall Thoughts: It curls, it lengthens, it adds volume and the colour is perfect! Everything you want from a good mascara are in these two little bottles, to give you the bright eyes that look dramatic. The mixture is good as well, not too wet but not too dry either, it goes on well and dries quite quickly. Plus another point is that it doesn't flake throughout the day like quite a few mascaras do, I have had relatively no flaking at all from this mascara - perfect. Overall, this is an incredible mascara set, and despite its expensive price tag of £22.50, I am pretty certain that my addiction to 'Diorshow Iconic' has set in and will become my regular mascara - sorry debit card! 10/10
So there you go, my review on this mascara set - buy it if you can, if not, definitely recommend Diorshow Iconic over Extase as it seems to do more. 

What mascaras do you love?


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