Sunday, 1 January 2012

It's so fluffy! New Year's Day - OOTD & FOTD.

Happy new year my lovelies! I hope that the start of the New Year is treating you well and you're enjoying all the food and tv that the 1st Jan 2012 brings with it! The fireworks across the world were spectacular, but have to say, London was the best. I rarely ever say that, but it really did out-do itself on NYE! Anyway, as you are all recovering from festivities of last night, just writing a quick post on the outfit that I chose to see the New Year in with - the fluffiest and softest jumper known to man. So without further ado, I introduce to you the fluffiest jumper in the world!

 Sequin Jumper: Jane Norman; Skirt: ASOS; Belt: ASOS; Tights: M&S; Slippers: Next.

I am not even sure these pictures do the fluffiness of this jumper justice, but it gives you the idea. Actually, I'll let you in on something, not only is this jumper like wearing a cloud (well, not reaaaally, but what a cloud SHOULD feel like) but the skirt is soft as well! This may be, just may be, the softest outfit I own - including the velvet touch tights! Moving along from the softness of everything, what really drew my attention to this jumper was the sequins that just added that bit of glamour needed to a jumper - something to sparkle with! The skirt on the other hand, well, since Dani came home with this check skirt from ASOS, I have needed to add it to my wardrobe. So since it was in the sale, it was a sign that it had to be bought and have not regretted the decision since! Not only is it the softest skirt in the world (or in my world at least!), but it literally goes with everything! T-shirts, jumpers, shirts - everything! Definitely making a girl-on-a-budget wardrobe that bit easier.

Make up wise - this was my New Year Day FOTD:

Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt (NC15); Concealer: MAC Studio Sculpt (NC15); Primer: Benefit's 'Stay Put'; Powder: No7 Creme Touch in Translucent; Eyeshadows: Urban Decay (Toasted, Hustle, Creep) and Blink & Go (Copper & Olive); Mascara: Diorshow Iconic & Exstase; Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner; Higlight: Benefit's 'High Beam'; Blusher: Benefit's 'Thrrrob'.

You know, when I list aalll the make up I wear, does it make you wonder if I actually have a face under all that?? I know it makes my boyfriend wonder when he watches me putting it on in the mornings! Only so long you can claim that you 'naturally look that way' with cat-eye flicks! Anyway, I tried to co-ordinate the make up with the shades in the outfit so there was a lot of mixing, and shading in different colours of the eyeshadows to give it that look. I'm not sure the pictures show the shades as much as it is there in real life, but it's the best I can do with the old camera. 

Anyway, going to sign off now as it is time for Sherlock and dinner! Hope you are all having an incredible start to the New Year and look out for posts on Dior, Glossybox December and Boxing Day Sales Haul! Also tell me what sort of posts you would like to hear more about via Twitter or on a comment!



  1. I need a jumper like that in my life, it's gorgeous!
    Fancy coming along to LDNlunch m'dear?

  2. It is such a comfy jumper! Yush definitely up for that, left a comment on your blog with my email :) xx

  3. Wow you do wear a lot of make must take a while to put on but you look lovely so i guess its worth it! Got to agree with you about the fireworks although i may be a little biased as i was in embankment watching the london ones :p x

  4. Haha yeah it looks like a lot when listed, but generally only use little amounts of each so doesn't take that much time - thank goodness! Wow! I'm jealous, that must have been spectacular!



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