Monday, 16 January 2012

'It's like the ocean!' NOTD & Detox Diet update.

Happy Monday my lovelies! Firstly, hello to my new followers and thanks for following! Coming home to see the numbers jumped up brightens up my day and when I first started this blog, did not think I would get past just Dani reading it - so thank you. Anyway, despite the freezing weather, it has not been that bad of a start to the week both on the work and diet fronts! However, did have a little bit of 'I'm-going-to-eat-whatever-I-want' last night - made up for it today though with porride, soup and a healthy thai noodle curry (completely ignorning the half of a chocolate orange I had...) Plus, six pounds have been shed - woohoo!

Anyway, for the first part of this post's title I have been getting more into painting my nails recently, trying out different looks with different types of nail polishes - mainly staying within the red/pink range for work. On Friday though, felt like livening it up a bit and combined these two nail polishes to create a glittery, teal finish:

The great things about this was: 1) it was so durable - lasting a good three days before it began showing signs of chipping, 2) it changed with the light and 3) it was something different.
Dani said that it looked like the ocean when the light caught it and how it sparkled, which to be honest, kept me very much entertained during slow moments at work! Plus with the turquoise glitter overlay, the base of 'teal' was only one coat which dried quickly. I have found with the 'No7 Stay Perfect' nail polishes that although they can sometimes chip quite quickly, they dry ridiculously fast - something that is brilliant when painting nails at 10pm! 

So that's it from this post today, will be writing some more on the Urban Decay Naked2 shadows once I get the chance to take some more pictures!

What do you think of glitter nail polishes? Have any favourites?


  1. Love the glitter polish!

    1. Thank you! Stole it from my housemate hehehe, and thank you for the follow :)

      Stephie xx

  2. Thanks for following lovely, followed back - and I LOVE this nail varnish. Mine never seem to come out as glittery as yours! xx

  3. I have that W7 polish, picked it up for 99p in a discount makeup shop in my local market! :)


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