Monday, 9 January 2012

'Dreading the Detox Diet' Diary -- The Motivations.

So following on from blogging more in January as a New Year's Resolution, another is now coming into play: the devilish diet. Yes, that age-old resolution that always comes out on January 1st after the Christmas feast is finishing. Well, after deciding that it would be foolish of me to even attempt starting the diet the first week back at work as 1) we had Christmas treats still left-over, and 2) the first week back at work would not have been the time to start, I decided that the diet is starting this week. God help me. For this first week I am doing the Dukon diet: an intense week of protein and nothing else. As a fan of only chicken really, this week will be looong, but the first day has been under-way (post to follow). The motivations for this self inflicted torture goes in parts. The first being these beauties:

My beloved Hollister jeans that I have had since my second year at university in which I could easily fit into these tiny (no matter what the 'w' size says - its not that!) jeans and have to wear a belt with them to add to it! However, since moving away from the 20min walk up a mountain to get to campus, these jeans have been stored loving in my wardrobe, only getting looks of longiness from their, ever-growing fatter, owner. The skirt is a new one to the collection, it was in my size and the only one left so it had to be bought - but sitting on my waist makes it more into a wide belt rather than a skirt, so weight has to be lost so it can sit a little lower.

The other motivations are simply I have been meaning to lose weight for a while to be able to wear some clothes in my wardrobe more comfortably, I am still happy in my dress size and don't feel as if I should conform to what society, in general, deem as the 'beautiful' but would like to lose some weight to get back to the size I felt more confident in. I also need to lighten the weight on my knee to make it less painful and help with damage, so other than my confidence reasons there is a practical one that will benefit me in the long run.

So here it goes, a strict diet. Wish me luck and willpower!


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  1. I wish I had some willpower too. Good luck with it. That skirt is so cute, I have a green one like that!x


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