Saturday, 7 April 2012

"That is Mahogany!" - My Step-by-Step Effie Trinket Look from The Hunger Games.

Ever since seeing The Hunger Games trailer and then of course the film, I have absolutely loved Elizabeth Banks' portrayal of the villain you can't help but love, District 12's Capitol Escort - Effie Trinket. From the Capitol accent, to the tittering stilletto walk, Elizabeth Banks brought the Effie that Hunger Games fans had imagined, to life in front of our eyes. But it wasn't just the acting that made Effie real, but the incredible work of the make-up & hair stylists that were put into creating the perfect Capitol look:

Taken from Google Images.
After seeing the film for the second time, I was set in my mind that I wanted to try and recreate the fabulously dramatic style of Effie for myself, so basing it on the picture above, this was my first attempt at that with my limited make-up resources (damn not having my own make-up artist/studio):

Here were the majority of products used

Step 1:

Mix of 'Stargazer' White Foundation & MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15

To achieve that off white paleness that Effie has, I had to mix my normal MAC foundation with quite a lot of white foundation that I bought last year for my Bride of Frankenstein make-up. Then using my fingers, I rougly applied it in two layers covering my lips & eyebrow as much as possible to create the 'sand-papery' effect that Gary Ross (Director of Hunger Games) wanted to achieve for Effie's skin. 

Step 2:

Now looking rather ghostly, it was onto preparing for the most time consuming part of this look - the eyeshadow. Using Boot's No7 'Stay Perfect' eyeshadow base/primer, I completely coated my eyelid & eyebrow to ensure that the eyeshadows to come would have a good base to start on.

Step 3:

This was easily the longest part of creating an Effie-esque look. It looks like just two colours right? That will be eaaaaasy... No! 
First, I coated my entire eye area in a light, glittery green shade that had yellow undertones from the Sephora Palette. I then mixed it with another yellow eyeshadow from my Colour Works palette to lighten the green further. Still not happy with the result, I used a shimmery white cream-based eye colour to get that all over shimmer to brighten it up further. Finally, after several applications of this green-yellow-white mixture, I could move on to the middle colour. I used my Sephora palette for all these colours, and went for a teal-blue mixed with a little emerald green shade, using two different eyeshadow brushes - one hard and angular for the first application, then a blending brush to soften it. Eventually, and I mean about 20-30mins later eventually, I could move on!

Step 4:

Onto the eyeliner portion! Using my Urban Decay angled brush, and a dark navy shade from the trusty Sephora palette, I did the first lining around my eyes. To add the shimmer effect that is key to Effie's style, I then blended the first liner with a glittery teal shade to just give it that extra effect. Finally, the look was starting to come together - woooohooo!

Step 5:

The final part of creating the eyes - a few lashings of Diorshow Iconic mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. Now, gladly burying away all of the eyeshadows it into the make-up bag, it was onto the cheeks & lips!

Step 6:

Using Benefit's 'Thrrrob', I focused on the apple of the cheeks for the flushed pink look that Effie has to show, you know, she's not a vampire. I then brushed it out a little across the cheekbone just to emphasise the angular look that Effie has. 

Step 7:

The lips - the ultimate Geisha influence with the small cupid-bow lips. I used Benefit's Cupid Bow to create this minitaure cupid bow lip look, and then sadly not having a bright lipstick about, used my pink Chanel lipgloss to add that bit of brightness.

And... Voila!

My amateur attempt at Effie Trinket's Perfect Capitol Look. Do you think I would blend in alright? I am thinking this is going to be my look for the next night out... Now wear to get that wonderful wig and couture wardrobe??????

What do you think? Do you like the Capitol look?



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  2. Wow!!! This looks awesome!!! I loved her look in the movie. I think she was a lot like how she was portrayed in the book. You did such a good job!!!

    Mabel Time

  3. I love this look! I loved her in the movie

    Your blog is great just stumbled across it :)

    Sian xox

  4. Wow its amazing, your eyes looks fab, I so wanna try it! :)

  5. Ahh I am obsessed with the Hunger Games! :D


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