Monday, 16 April 2012

Dreading the Detox Diet #3 -- Playing Weight Watchers!

Wow, it has been a loooooooooong time since writing about my aim to go down by a dress size or two by summer, guess its cos I've been so preoccupied with dieting/exercising and not because I just gave up and decided the rounder I got the more I could roll around instead of walking. I think everyone looks beautiful, and have never been obsessed with my weight, the only thing that kickstarted this diet was my want to fit back into my Hollister jeans as it seems a waste! I'm not going to waste some Hollister jeans for any longer dammit!

Annnnnnnnyway -coughcough-, I took the plunge and joined Weight-Watchers online for £32.95 for three months, after seeing so many bloggers rave about how successful they have been at losing weight through the program. I'm not going to lie, I have been a bit sceptical about the whole weight-watchers thing, thinking its not reeeeally that different to My Fitness Pal which is a free calorie counting app.  But I love the system of the Pro-Points which give me my daily allowance and even 30-odd extra for when I want to go out for dinner or need some medicinal chocolate after kids at school decide to drive me that bit more mental! I don't know what it is but seeing points instead of checking calories of everything makes me feel like I have that bit more freedom on this diet - totally just a psychological thing with me... Also I love the recipes that come with it, and the advice they offer. I don't go to the meetings as I don't feel that I need it at the moment, but I do like the feeling there is an online community and I have so many resources online. My only problem is the Android app which is essentially just a calculator, and not a proper app like the Iphone one which offers a lot more - seems a bit stupid really...

To kick start my diet, I bought some Weight Watcher meals because they were on offer at Sainsburys (3 for £2.50!!)

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I've only tried the pizza & sausages but I'm pretty pleased so far for such low prices! The only problem is that the portions are quite small and the bread of the pizza tasted a little bland, but the sauces were absolutely amazing! I'm not sure if when the deal ends I'll keep buying meals as I do prefer making my own things fresh, but this is great for when I come home shattered after a day at trying to get 16 year olds to understand that An Inspector Calls is an important play to learn! 

Well since this is my first week I haven't got much to report at the moment. The aim is to lose about 7lbs in the first week as thats when the body really kickstarts, and will mean I have hit my short term goal which will be great! I'll keep you all updated with losses on my weigh-in days :-)

The only thing I ask from my lovely readers is a little bit of support as I know how easily I can get distracted by chocolate or pop-tarts! 

Do you have any diet regime planned to get summer skinny?

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  1. Good luck! I know a few people who have done really well with Weight Watchers, it seems to be a good way of eating more healthily but still being allowed occasional treats. x

  2. I love weightwatcher but then you know that! I would say though 7lbs in one week is a lot and the quicker you lose it the more likely it be come back on again! Nice and steady is the key ;) I lost 4lbs in my first week and average about 1.5lbs if I follow the plan everyday, have been naughty these past few weeks!


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