Saturday, 7 April 2012

Friday's Frock #2 - Ain't Nothing But a Houndstooth!

Happy Saturday! I know it's not Friday, but after having a bit of drama yesterday with the boyfriend that meant I didn't have time to blog my 'Friday Frock' post so here it is today:
Today's frock was a little gem that I found after some post- Aussie event shopping with the lovely  Tabitha and Dani in Oxford Street's River Island:

As any shopaholic knows, sale-shopping is essentially a sport - and a vicious one at that! There was shoving, clambering over one another, snatching items off the hangers from the grasps of another shopping - it sounds like a slightly tame version of the Tributes at the Cornucopia (Yeah, I am a Hunger Games geek).
 Luckily, I avoided this bloodbath when finding this cute, hounds-tooth skater dress discarded away from the dress section! There was only one left and that was a sign. I couldn't ignore a sign, could I?!

Dress: River Island; Tights: M&S; Belt: Jane Norman; Cardigan: New Look; Sequin pumps: New Look.
I love the style of skater dresses - the shift style top, with a mini full skirt that gives it that vintage feel with a modern twist. With the hounds-tooth pattern, it just added to this feel as it looked like something that had been transported out of Joan's wardrobe from Mad Men, with just a shortened hem-line.

The best part about this little beauty is that it was 12:12... £12 and a size 12! With weight-loss being one of my big goals for this year, I was super excited to be able to fit comfortably into a size 12 by River Island's standards - wooooooo, its all paying off! 

Well that's it for today's Friday Frock! How do you like the skater style dress? Are you a River Island fan? 



  1. Gorgeous dress, the style really suits you :) xxx

  2. The dress looks lovely and is really flattering. Love the skater skirt. I'm a fan of River Island but usually can't afford to shop there nowadays so it's great that you picked up such a bargain! x

  3. i find myself liking river island again at the mo, especially the chelsea girl section. this houndstooth skate dress is gorgeous on you! Great buy you got yourself there lovely!:) x

  4. Twit twoo looking good!


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