Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Beauty Wish-List #1 - Chanel, Liz Earle, MAC, OPI.

Hi lovelies, how is everyone's week going? As it is payday this week and my shopaholic itch starting again, my want list has been ever growing - shocker, right?! 

Instead of flooding you all with images of the new dresses that I want to whisk into my wardrobe, which is my regular want list, I decided to focus on the beauty items that I have been coveting for months now but either never got round to buying, or just couldn't justify the purchase:




(Images from Debenhams; Fashion Stare; Liz Earle; MAC Websites)

1) Blush Horizon De Chanel - £46

From the moment this blush was released in Chanel's spring collection, I have wanted it. And I'm not talking about just a casual 'aw that's a pretty colour' sort of brush-off want, but the sort of want where despite swatching it about twenty times, I still go and stare at it lovingly everytime I come across a Chanel counter. Sadly, even with payday round the corner, £46 on one small blush is too much for this girl to afford. But if there is anyone out there who can afford it - get it! Quick! It is honestly the most perfect pink shade, for that fresh-faced girl look. 

2) Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - £14.25

The most talked about hot cloth cleanser in the bloggersphere, no? Well after reading glowing review after review, I can't help wanting to give into the hype and find out just what IS so great about this cleanser! Even though I have just bought the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and love it, I am thinking this will be one of my first purchases on payday (exclu. The Avengers cinema tickets!) to find if it really can magically transform my skin back to its baby-born glory!

3) OPI's 'Excuse Moi!' The Muppets Nail Polish - £11

I love The Muppets. Seriously, its one of those things that was an integral part of my childhood that I have continued to love into adulthood - which includes the 2012 movie with Jason Segal that I honestly thought could not have been better! But one of the great things about The Muppet's revival was the OPI Muppets Collection! Miss Piggy has her own nail-polish range, and if Miss Piggy could be transformed into a little bottle of nail polish, this would be it. Its glittery, its bright pink and it definitely has star power. Now I love Miss Piggy, I even have a mini pillow with her face on it on my bed, so this nail polish is a joint No.1 to buy on payday. 

4) MAC Lipstick - Chatterbox - £13.50

I have to admit something to you all, even though I have been blogging since 2010 (more consistently 2011), I have not yet bought myself a MAC lipstick - commence the flogging! I know, I know what a failing as a beauty blogger but I just haven't somehow got round to buying one, I mean I always swatch the different colours but each time I do either I don't have the money or say I will come back and get it later but never do. So, it has been decided that on my payday or at least this month, I will get a cute pink MAC lipstick in the shade of Chatterbox as I do not own a real pink lipstick, and I am a chatterbox. Look forward to a review coming on this!

Anyway, that is my current beauty wishlist. I can think of so many more things to add but then this post would never end and you would fall asleep reading the never-ending list, so I whittled it down to these four products that I have been lusting after for months. 

Do you have a beauty wishlist on the go? Or have the need to buy any of these items? 



  1. You will love the Liz Earle cleanser. Such a great product. x

  2. I have to agree that the Blush Horizons de Chanel is completely lovely! Its definitely something I've been coveting for a long time as well. But your right.. for the size the price is just not something I can do right now. One Day Though!
    Cant wait to read more of your blog!

    much love,
    Lauren xoxo


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